The design of a Smart Home or Integrated Commercial Property ideally should be created at the same time as a grand vision for a project is conceived. All too often the elements that make up a smart home are ‘tacked’ onto a project to add value or differentiate it after this initial phase is completed. This has the result of systems not being as fully elegant, efficacious, and ultimately attractive to an end user. In addition, if a prospective client feels that a token effort has been made to give an illusion of a home being truly ‘Smart’ then this can even detract them from the overall design completely.

GR Media Solutions wishes to be your partner within this design process to maximize the effectiveness of these Smart Home systems. This is ensure that these Smart Home systems will be a boon for a project so that anyone with knowledge in the industry would be proud to be associated with it. In order to achieve this, we have set up a division to work closely with industry professionals in the domain of Interior design, Architecture, MEP Consultancy, and Developers to provide value added integrated systems that perfectly suit the needs of a construction project and completely compliment the overall design brief. We are set up to be part of these discussions and help formulate a potential system to deliver an excellent solution.

Professional Standards

GR Media Solutions long standing experience within the industry is important for us to practically design systems that will work in the real world. This knowledge however is also built upon our commitment to satisfying and exceeding standards that prevail in our industry. These standards are delineated and promoted by such institutions such as CEDIA which we have been a member of for many years and of which our technical director Peter Aylett is a key figure within this organization. Peter is Director of Professional Development for CEDIA and hosts a myriad training seminars all over the world. He has also written and disseminated an array of white papers to educate the industry on its development which is constantly extending its reach into new domains.

Our Design Division is headed up by Shereen Edwards and her 8 strong team of engineers are able to quickly and accurately translate requirements into documents and communicate effectively with all parties involved. This includes the domain of Lighting, Audio Visual, CCTV, Security, Climate Control, Networks, and Control. GR Media’s experience and human resources ensure that the designs we offer are the most well considered and efficient for a project under consideration.

Full Documentation

When the creative process is finished and ideas have crystalised into something concrete and invigorating we are able to start talking in the language of the Architect and the MEP Consultant.

We are able to provide full support to an MEP Consultant with full Wiring Diagrams and complete design of integrated devices to create a professional layer for Audio Visual, Network, CCTV, Climate Control, Security and Door Entry to compliment their fundamental electrical systems. We also are able to easily liaise with these professionals to explain how our systems will work, which are industry specific and quickly change, on top of their systems which are the fundamental elements they are based on.

We are also able to provide full CAD CAM insertion files for Architects and Interior Designers when devices are visible or inserted into spaces which impact their drawings. This allows them to create a complete set of documents which will not create any nasty surprises when projects are under construction thus smoothing the process.

Finally, Handover Documents need to be made up for both maintenance contractors and end users to allow these systems to be utilized and serviced. We are capable of liaising with contractors to provide these documents in the form they require and insert our elements into a larger more comprehensive file to satisfy regulations.

Informed Recommendations

Having an excellent design and accurate documentation sets up an integration project well, but having the right commercial partner to ensure satisfactory delivery on projects is as equally an important component. GR Media Solutions has been working with a great variety of Integrators all over the Middle East and North Africa and know the good from the bad, the value for the money from the smoke and mirror charmers. As such we can give a particular project a recommended list of candidates that we are fully confident are able to deliver the design brief on budget and on time who would submit tenders. This creates confidence during a project and the insurance that things will be done right and if issues do arise for whatever reason, you have a partner that can deal calmly with them and resolve them satisfactorily.

Ongoing Relationship

GR Media Solutions is committed to providing industry excellence and forming long lasting relationships with our partners. This comes from obtaining great results for all parties involved ensuring that the initial design brief is fully realized and we can be proud of our efforts. We are looking for partners that feel the same and believe the preservation of their reputation and therefore longevity is paramount. If this is you please contact us to start this mutually beneficial relationship and create solutions that we can both be proud of.