Acoustic Isolation

Required for two purposes; to prevent external noise from compromising the carefully engineered reproduction of subtle sound pressure
level (SPL) within the theater room, and to prevent high SPL inside the theater escaping and disturbing adjacent areas and rooms.
We use wall construction guidelines for proper isolation, including but not limited to:
• Mass & thickness of inner & outer wall surfaces
• Acoustical damping layer between both walls
• Providing air gaps for lowing energy transmission, especially for low frequencies

Acoustic Design and Treatment

Complementing isolation, this focuses on enhancing the listening experience within the room, considering the below points:
Recommendations for room architecture in terms of materials and finishes to complement the viewing and listening experience.
Designing absorption, diffusion, and bass trap panels embedded within room design, with aesthetic considerations taken into
account, to reduce reverberation time (RT) and achieve the required standard for reference audio performance and dissipation of
Providing models, quantities and placement details, considering:
• Acoustic Treatment Calculations:
Reverberation time (RT)
Bass Ratio (BR)
Acoustic target values
• Acoustic Modes:
Low frequency room response
• 3D Modes visualization

Acoustic Interior Design

We would be happy to work together with the dedicated ID team by using their preferred room design theme and renders, to develop the
required construction drawing sets allowing the achievement of the above two sections. Alternatively, we can also use their input for the design
approach and develop our own Interior Renders and Construction Drawing packages, both of which are detailed below.

Interior Design Package

• Initial 2D Sketch & Mood Board Presentation based on client’s input, preferred theme and feedback (up to 3 options/revisions).
• 3D Rendering after Mood Board approval, providing 4 rendered shots from different angles of the room (up to 2 iterations based on output
and client’s feedback for minor design elements).

Construction Drawings Package

(to be based on Interior and/or Acoustic Designs for installation details and fit-out coordination)
• Furnished floor plans
• Floor finishes and FFLs ONLY
• Reflected Ceiling Plan
• Preliminary design for HVAC grill locations coordinated with HVAC supplier
• Lighting Circuit locations (with indications to lighting type)
• Sections and Elevations
• Wall finishes
• Ceiling Section
• Speaker locations
• Projector/Screen Location
• Acoustics
• Power Plan
• Approved Vendor List