Wyrestorm are a world leader for video switching systems having no less than 6 different transmission platforms across their range comprising of HDMI, HDbaseT, H.264, JPE2000, SDVoE and Fibre Optic. With this complete range Wyrestorm are capable of providing systems from a simple extender set through to ultra-complex networked systems for any project imaginable. Factor in their renowned reliability and value for money, Wyrestorm are a compelling option for anyone requiring a robust video distribution solution.


As flexible as it is intuitive, the WyreStorm Enado™ web-based control system works seamlessly with any operating system and Internet browser on any device. From Mac OS to Windows™ to Android™ to iOS™, Enado just works. Period.

With no downloads or constant updates for you to install, Enado does it automatically, offering effortless system management for the client and instant access for an end-user with no site visit or license fee required to add control devices. And when it comes to control, Enado features extensive I/O to control devices through multiple IR, RS-232, IP, sensing inputs and relay outputs for instantaneous, intuitive control from a smartphone, tablet, TV, PC or mac browser. Simple QR code scanning allows users to connect their control device themselves as well as offering one-touch activation of in-room devices, such as lighting, blinds, curtains, projector and screen and other connected devices to get set up in seconds.

  • ENA-001-010, ENA-MINI-010


As networks are essentially the backbone of a home, office, or commercial space, Network video distribution systems have been taking advantage of this extensive infrastructure and are offering some very flexible systems for complex environments. Wyrestorm, an innovative leader in this technological space, has the most comprehensive range of options for networked video distribution systems available today from bandwidth light 1080p H.264 systems to full SDVoE lossless transmission with extremely low latency. Couple this to their simple to installation, easy configuration, and elegant app based live stream control interface NetworkHD Touch, Wyrestorm are the option for networked video today.

NetworkHD 100 Series

Intended for commercial applications over 16×16, the NetworkHD™ 100 Series is an Ethernet-based HD over IP matrix solution using low bandwidth H.264 technology for distribution of HD video, audio and control signals over a 1GbE network using a standard PoE switch. Featuring simple set-up and auto-detection of components, the 100 Series offers easy configuration and almost unlimited scalability to suit commercial applications of virtually any size.

  • NHD-100-CTL, NHD-100-TX, NHD-140-TX, NHD-100-RX, NHD-000-RACK4

NetworkHD 200 Series

The NetworkHD™ 200 Series utilizes the same low bandwidth, infinitely scalable H.264 technology as the 100 Series, but adds powerful video wall support up to 10×10 and multi-format input connectivity of HDMI, DVI-D, Component and VGA for the best all-round solution for commercial AV installations.A 200 Series encoder can either be paired with a 100 Series decoder for matrix switching to individual screens or NHD-210-RX decoder for video wall decoding, with both decoders including HDMI and analog audio breakout outputs, or an NHD-220-RX decoder for multiview monitoring.

  • NHD-200-TX, NHD-230-TXNHD-200-RX, NHD-220-RX, NHD-000-CTL, NHD-SW-0501, NHD-000-RACK4

NetworkHD 400 Series

The NetworkHD™ 400 Series offers stunning 4K HDR video, multi-channel audio support and 4K/2K auto-scaling to seamlessly handle distribution of mixed resolution sources, content and display devices over a 1GbE network.

Featuring incredibly low latency matrix switching and video wall capabilities, the 400 Series is the ideal AV over IP solution for systems where high quality and low latency are key requirements; making it perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

  • NHD-400-TX, NHD-400-RX, NHD-000-CTL, NHD-000-RACK4

NetworkHD 600 Series

The NetworkHD™ 600 Series offers the ultimate AV over IP platform for when only the absolute best image quality will do.

Supporting highly scalable, secure and fully lossless high-bandwidth video content alongside multi-channel audio and a variety of connectivity and control options. The 10GbE system is easily managed in a flexible, unified software environment for the ultimate AV over IP experience for commercial and high-end residential applications.

  • NHD-600-TX, NHD-600-RX, NHD-000-CTL, NHD-000-RACK3


4K Matrices

HDbaseT still offer the greatest feature set for video distribution systems on the market including EDID management, ARC, Ethernet, HDCP2.2 and HDR10 compatibility, IR, RS232, CEC, and IP control, POH power, and up to 4K 4:4:4/60 uncompressed video. Wyrestorm offers a broad range of matrices for different applications from 4×4 to 16×16 sizes in both pre-built and modular configurations. Modular matrices further feature full Audio DSP matirx, Dolby Vision, and fibre outputs for transmission distances of up 300m.

  • MX-0404-H2, MX-0606-H2, MX-0404-HDBT-H2A-KIT, MX-0606-HDBT-H2L, MX-0808-HDBT-H2L, MX-0606-HDBT-H2, MX-0808-HDBT-H2, MX-0606-HDBT-H2C, MX-0808-HDBT-H2C, MX-1010-HDBT-H2XC, MX-1616-HDBT-H2XC, TX-H2X-HDMI, TX-H2x-HDBT, TX-H2X-VLC, TX-H2X-OM3

4K Receivers

Wyrestorm offer a comprehensive range of 4K HDbaseT receivers for their matrix series giving you just the features you need and no more thus maximising the budget on a project. Incorporating simple 4K video transmission, 4:4:4/60 bandwidth, ARC, Scaling, 300m transmission Fibre options there is one receiver for any application. Compact dimensions make it easy for the units to stashed behind a screen while quality connectors and simple instruction on the chassis allow Wyrestorm receivers to be quickly installed and fuss free in application.

  • RX-70-4K, RXV-70-4K, RXV-70-4K-ARC, RX-70-SCL,

2K Matrices

Not every application these days requires 4K and Wyrestorm have a good range of matrix options for those projects where smaller screens or budget constraints are considerations. Featuring 4×4 to 16×16 matrix ranges the 2K range includes, POH receivers, IR, RS232, and IP control, ARC, and full EDID management, and modular chasses.

  • MX-0404-QI, MX-0606-PP-POH, MX-0808-PP-POH, MX-1616-PP-POH, MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM, MX-1616-PP-POH-CUSTOM

2K Receivers

Wyrestorms 2K receivers boast features that are very usable in commercial environments such as the TX-SW-0201 switching unit and AMP-001-010 with in built 2x25w/ch amplification.

  • RX-70-POH, AMP-001-010

Presentation Solutions

Increasingly common, auto switching presentations solutions for boardrooms are giving businesses greater usability for their workers. Wyrestorm have comprehensive cost-effective solutions for most applications that make installation and use very simple and offer robust long term performance. Featuring CEC control, clever compact touchscreen interfaces, and Wyrestorm’s collaboration software Screenlink which allows convenient laptop connection without software installation for both PC and Mac, these presentation solutions offer simple connectivity and encourage maximum usage.

  • SW-0201-4K, SW-0401-HDBT, EX-SW-0301-H2, EX-SW-0401-H2-PRO, SW-1001-HDBT, SW-0501-HDBT, SW-0402-MV-HDMI, SW-04020MV-HDBT, TS_280-US, TS-280-EU, TX_SW-0201

In-Wall Transmitters

When simplicity, elegance and convenience are required in a commercial environment, Wyrestorm comes to the party with their range of 2K and 4K In-Wall Transmitters. Featuring auto switching and an IR window to receive TV/Projector control, Wyrestorm In-Wall Transmitters can be directly routed to a compatible HDbaseT input on a projector or screen with a relevant receiver.

  • TX-IW-70-POH, TX-SW-IW-0201


The bread and butter of many projects, Extenders need to just work. Wyrestorm offer a comprehensive range of compact feature rich Extenders at fantastic price points to make that project function reliably and on budget. From simple cost effective 40m 1080p extenders, to 4K, ARC, Fibre, and dual USB2.0 KVM, Wyrestorm have an Extender for you.

  • EX-40-G2, EX-70-G2, EX-35-H2, EX-35-H2-ARC, EX-70-H2X, EXF-300-H2, EX-70-H2, EX-70-H2X-ARC, EX-100-4K-PRO, EX-100-H2-PRO


A basic staple to any installers arsenal of product are the humble splitter. Wyrestorm offer full 4:4:4/60 compatibility in a compact chassis for 1:2, 1:4, and 1:8 applications and a dual HDbaseT output 2:8 unit for those special niches.

  • SP-0102-H2, SP-0104-H2, SP-0108-H2, SP-0208-HDBT-H2, SP-0208-HDBT-H2

Cables and Converters

Essential to any HDMI, Network, or HDbaseT system is the humble cable and converter. Often the weak link in the system and cause for issues, HDMI cables are the least focused on element in many jobs requiring robust video distribution. Wyrestorm offer a quality option at a reasonable price giving excellent fit and reliable insertion and up to 4:4:4/60 HDR10/Dolby Vision compatibility. While its range of compact converters give all the features typically needed on site for audio conversion whether it be downmixing a 5.1 signal, converting digital to analog, or up/downscaling an image.