For over 30 years, SurgeX has manufactured premium energy intelligence and power protection solutions. Their award-winning portfolio helps businesses worldwide to lower service costs and improve the reliability and profitability of critical equipment. From the Hubble Space Telescope Center to Yankee Stadium, industry leaders have relied on their patented technology to reduce downtime, manage services, and enhance the operations of their business.

Access Elite

Access Elite brings a new level of connected sophistication to mains power management. Our IP addressable, surge elimination, and power conditioning management system allows service teams to protect, monitor, and control power distribution platforms remotely. This IP enabled surge eliminator provides two-way communication that manages system energy usage and gives technicians the power to sequence individual outlets and monitor power usage at a system level.

  • SX-AX10IE, SX-AX16IE

Branch Circuit

Offering surge elimination and power conditioning at the branch circuit level, eliminates the need for additional protection downstream. The SurgeX Branch Circuit product line provides guaranteed surge elimination and conditioning for audio, video, and mission critical equipment at the service panel. Available in three configurations, our unique solutions are built with professional-grade NEMA magnetic shielding steel enclosures that meet code for use at the service entrance, sub-panels, and in-ceiling plenums.

  • SXN-1230


The enVision PCS provides the most advanced electrical troubleshooting and power protection technology in the industry to help service teams monitor live electrical incidents, troubleshoot downtime, reduce service calls, and equipment/parts replacement costs. Featuring real time diagnostic software and an integrated scope meter, enVision gives service teams a pro-active tool to monitor and control problematic environments. It provides advanced recording intelligence, graphical reporting capabilities, and downloadable reports to understand issues and present them clarity to clients.

  • EV-23010IC, EV-23016IC

Large Format UPS

Go beyond the rack with SurgeX’s Large Format UPS solutions. With configurations up to 20kVA, entire systems can now remain protected and online in spite of grid activity. Use in conjunction with a generator for excess carryover and conditioned power output – or alone to ensure safe shutdown.

  • UPS-22100-85R, UPS-22150-67R, UPS-32020-80

Rack Mount

The SurgeX Rack Mount product line provides professional-grade surge elimination and power conditioning for audio, video, and security rack mount equipment. Our top-of-the-line protection is the ultimate solution to safeguard audio video systems that rely on mission critical equipment for optimal performance.

  • SX-1213, SX2213, SX2213RL, SX2213RT

Remote Portal

The Remote Portal module brings IP connectivity to ESP diagnostic intelligence software to remotely monitor and diagnose power issues. It allows technicians to instantly view the history of power events, monitor live data, download time-stamped reports, diagnose disturbances, and reboot/recycle power via any web or mobile device. It can also send alerts that an issue has been detected. This enables technicians to instantly analyze and react to problems that can cause downtime and harm mission-critical equipment without having to make a costly service call.



SurgeX Sequencers provide the sequencing parameters, conditioning, shutdown thresholds, and surge protection needed to safeguard audio, video, broadcast, and computer equipment. These units have enhanced management features and are extremely easy to install, program, and use.

They include two always-on receptacles and four programmable banks. The SEQ models feature one “virtual” bank for controlling remote units, allowing for infinitely expanding distribution schemes. The SEQ also includes an LCD screen.

  • SEQ-1213i

UPS Standalone

SurgeX offers a complete UPS product line to meet your battery backup needs. Available in multiple configurations, our standalone UPS solutions provide backup power to keep equipment running and properly shut down critical systems in the event of a power outage.

  • SA-132