From native 4K to Full HD 3D, home cinema projectors from Sony are packed with innovative technology to bring your movies to life. Advanced SXRD panels with the first in native 4K capability, like the ones inside their professional cinema projectors, produce jaw-dropping detail that will totally immerse viewers in the action all whilst sitting in the comfort of their home. Backed by an incredible history in the world of technology and entertainment, this perennial powerhouse has been instrumental in the continuous development of everything from motion pictures to everyday electronics.


Sony’s Full HD projectors are a perfect choice for those looking to take their home theater experience to the next level. Performance improvements include an increase in brightness and the addition of Dynamic Lamp Control, which allows the projector to achieve higher contrast ratios, improving its rendition of high-contrast scenes. The integrated 3D transmitter and 240Hz panel drive work together creating bright 3D images nearly free of crosstalk. These features, combined with the whisper quiet 21dB operation, make the HW series a great fit for a mid-range home theater.



Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector range feature advanced SXRD® panel technology to deliver incredible 4K HDR images with four times the resolution of Full HD. You’ll experience rich colors, impressive brightness and a huge dynamic contrast ratio — for vibrant, detail-packed pictures with native 4K resolution that always look clear and sharp, even in day lit living rooms.


Ultra Short Throw

The VPL-VZ1000ES Ultra Short Throw projector combines advanced SXRD™ imaging technology with a long-lasting laser light source for exquisitely detailed, high contrast native 4K images with HDR compatibility. The reliable, energy-efficient Z-Phosphor laser source allows quick start and maintenance-free operation with no need for lamp exchanges – translating into ease of use compared with conventional projectors. The VPL-VZ1000ES is perfectly suited to home cinema use. The projector can be situated up close to a screen, allowing viewers to enjoy the realistic sensation of 4K images at a closer distance of up to 120 inches (2.2m) without producing shading off the image. The compact VPL-VZ1000ES occupies even less space on your AV cabinet – ideal for any home entertainment set-up, even in limited space.

  • VPL-VZ1000ES

High Brightness 4K

The world’s most advanced home cinema projector combines an advanced laser light source with the same Sony 4K SXRD panel technology that’s found in our professional cinema projectors. Crisply detailed native 4K images (4096 x 2160) offer four times the resolution of Full HD, pulling you right into the heart of the action with unprecedented clarity. You’ll experience fabulously rich cinematic colours, smooth motion and spectacular contrast. Extremely powerful 5000 lumen brightness ensures wonderfully clear and sharp big-screen pictures, even in well-lit rooms. The ultra-pure, highly efficient laser light source provides virtually maintenance free operation with no lamp swaps. With flexible installation, simple setup, fuss-free auto calibration and low-noise operation, the VPL-VW5000ES 4K Home Cinema Projector puts you in control of the ultimate entertainment experience.

  • VPL-VW5000ES