All products that carry the Rotel name – preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, audio/video receivers, and more are unique. They come from a 50 year old, family owned organization dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest high performance audio components. The UK based company also takes great pride in owning their factories as to build, control and supervise every unit to ensure that it is worthy of the Rotel name. The company is also part of the prestigious B&W Group. Much of brand s success can be attributed to their fundamental engineering philosophy called Balanced Design Concept. This combines both hard science and experienced intuition to bring you closer to the source, be it music or movies, and to let you hear exactly what the artists intended without any compromises.


Whole house audio brings the soothing, inspiring and energising power of music to every room in your home as you desire…including outside on the patio or by the pool. Quality amplification makes your speakers sing whether they are discreet in-wall or in-ceiling models, or larger floor standing designs that occupy a place of pride in your listening room. In fact, amplifiers are the critical component in distributed music systems as they are tasked with delivering the music signal over often very long runs of speaker wire.

  • RKB-8100, RKB-D8100, RKB-850, RKB-D850, RMB-1512, RMB-1506

Home Cinema

A proper home theatre is more than a collection of components – it is an immersive experience that can exceed commercial cinemas in terms of emotional involvement. It is also a first-rate music system, playing stereo recordings without compromise. Rotel home theatre components can be chosen to suit virtually any room size, from a modest A/V system right up to a full-scale, themed cinema room in a special area of your home.

  • RAP-1580, RSX-1562, RSP-1582, RMB-1585