There is no substitute for experience. More than 50 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing audio/video components has put Rotel at the top of the pack. They have always been a family owned business. That is why they take the time to build, test, and critically evaluate each new model before it goes into production: our reputation is personal. Their commitment to quality goes far beyond the research and development phases of creating Rotel products. They follow the same philosophy through the entire manufacturing process and manufacture all Rotel products in their own factory, under their own management and with their own equipment.

Surround Sound

A stereo system can be something as simple as an integrated amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers connected to your smartphone. Or, it might be something larger and more sophisticated – a stereo preamplifier with on-board Digital-to-Analogue convertor, multiple independent sources including a turntable, a CD player, a network music player and powerful separate amplifiers for bi-amping full range floorstanding speakers. Simple or sophisticated, Rotel manufactures a wide range of high-performance, high-value audio components that deliver all of the passion and detail the artist intended.

Integrated Amps

Rotel’s  Integrated Amplifiers leverage the strengths of our award winning preamplifiers and power amplifiers in a sleek single chassis design. With a powerful Class AB amplifiers using performance audio grade components, Rotel Integrated amplifiers can effortlessly drive large speaker systems. The impressive Rotel manufactured toroidal transformer is a key element in the power supply design which also includes custom slit-foil storage capacitors and a dual-monoblock topology. All of this helps to ensure the amplifier performance stands up to even the most complex music and real world playback conditions.

  • RA-1592, RA-1572, A14, A12, A10

Pre Amps

Rotel engineers want to create a reference quality stereo preamplifiers to match their award winning stereo power amplifiers. Every aspect of component selection and circuit topography was designed and carefully evaluated during multiple listening sessions to ensure the highest fidelity. For example, analogue and digital circuits were designed separately, by specialized Rotel teams. Analogue inputs are all very low noise circuitry and include a high performance moving magnet phono stage.

  • RC-1590, RC-1572

Home Cinema

A proper home theatre is more than a collection of components – it is an immersive experience that can exceed commercial cinemas in terms of emotional involvement. It is also a first-rate music system, playing stereo recordings without compromise. Rotel home theatre components can be chosen to suit virtually any room size, from a modest A/V system right up to a full-scale, themed cinema room in a special area of your home.

  • RAP-1580, RSX-1562, RSP-1582, RMB-1585

Stereo Amps

The impressive capabilities of Rotels amplifier begin with a solid foundation consisting of massive toroidal transformers custom made by Rotel. These transformers are just part of a rock-solid power supply that includes specially British made BHC capacitors, known for their low loss and quick response times. These components will continue to supply all of the voltage and current requirements needed, even under the most difficult load conditions.

  • RB-1590, RB-1582 MkII, RB-1572, RB-1552 MkII

Stereo Receivers

The RCX-1500 CD player is the most versatile component we’ve ever offered. Although it is an “all in one” model, compromise is not part of the design. In fact, the RCX-1500 has been engineered using components that you would find in more expensive separates. The DAC is the high-performance Wolfson with 24-bit/192kHz decoding. The amplifier uses our innovative Class D design that is highly efficient, runs cooler than older Class AB designs and provides plenty of voltage and current to easily drive lower impedance speakers down to 4 ohms.

  • RCX-1500

Stereo DACS

Rotel’s new digital-to-analogue converter envelops the listener in the most accurate audio reproduction possible from any digital source, whether its legacy PCM sources or the latest in digital file formats.

  • RDD-1580

CD Players

Since 1982, when the CD was introduced, Rotel has been refining technology and evolving circuitry to bring you extraordinary sound from the familiar silver disc. As most music lovers have a substantial collection of compact discs, a high quality CD player is still an important part of most music systems. Rotel’s outstanding CD players focus careful refinements to reveal even the most subtle nuances buried in a CD’s pit spiral.

  • RCD-1572, CD14


As well as receiving FM and DAB (DAB+) stations, Rotel tuners will accept a range of audio codecs (most notably mp3, FLAC and AIFF), with resolution and sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. This versatility means that most internet radio services and very high-resolution audio files (normally stored on a local media server) will be reproduced in their native format and resolution.

  • RT-1570, T14, T11