PMC stands for the Professional Monitor Company. It is unique in that the company’s genesis came from the development of studio monitor speakers before developing its renowned HiFi range. Founded by Peter Thomas a former sound engineer at the BBC in the 1960’s, his first commercial speaker based on transmission line principles was specifically developed to be as transparent as possible for the BBCs live studio monitoring purposes. Proving to be exceptionally popular by musicians and recording engineers, PMC is now used in some of the world’s most prestigious recording studios today. PMC has taken the essence of its studio reference monitors and built a fantastic range of HiFi speakers so that we may hear music just as the recording engineer intended when recording or mixing tracks.


The twenty5 series is the culmination of a quarter of a century of research, obsessive design and craft to produce the very finest loudspeakers for home listening. Every element in the design has been considered in order to create finely tuned, transparent speakers capable of revealing music’s subtlest shades and deeply emotional details. Utilising the fruits of  recent research into the aerodynamics of the transmission line, PMC’s Twenty5 series of ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) design features new drivers and Laminair technology. With a natural, balanced tone and rich, enveloping bass at all levels from whisper-quiet upwards, the surprisingly svelte twenty5 series can provide you with an unequalled listening experience that redefines what you’ve come to expect from high-fidelity performance.

  • 25.21, 25.22, 25.23, 25.24, 25.26, 25.C, 25.SUB


For many years, PMC’s fact range has been the choice of discerning audiophiles worldwide. But true innovators are never satisfied. Their designers are continuously researching new materials and techniques to bring you a greater musical experience. By refining the most popular of the range, and using key components from the flagship fact Fenestria, they’ve created the signature models: two- and three-way ATL™ loudspeakers with even greater musicality and transparency. From whisper-quiet to levels you feel rather than hear, the fact signature brings you the magic in the music, with nothing added or taken away. In addition, PMC have taken the opportunity with the new signature to produce a fresh new look with colour schemes that have been inspired from and have suitable quality to grace the worlds finest automobiles. Combining the all the experience PMC have built up over 50 years coupled with an ambition to build the worlds ultimate speaker, PMC released the Fact Fenestria to world-wide acclaim in 2018 as their uncompromising reference.

  • Fact 8, Fact 12, Fenestria


Building on the state-of-the-art performance of PMC’s high-end three-way reference monitors (IB2, MB2, MB2 XBD & BB5), the SE range combines the finest traditions of British cabinet-making and cutting-edge acoustic research and development techniques. Music lovers can enjoy even greater levels of musicality while appreciating the aesthetic beauty of these special edition models. Meticulous attention has been applied to hone the designs to new standards, adding new internal bracing, computer-modelled driver dispersion surrounds, and custom-designed, specially tuned stands. All these elements contribute to the production of a purer musical signal, allowing the listener to come as close as possible to the original performance.



In celebration of 25 years’ production of the world’s leading professional reference monitors, PMC is proud to launch the hand built, limited edition, DB1 Gold – the finest version of the DB1 studio monitor made to date. This updated model provides the discerning music lover with a window into the professional world, giving access to the identical sound balance and vibe intended by the recording artist, without missing a single nuance.

  • DB1 Gold


The cor integrated is an amplifier that adds no sonic character of its own to the music. It follows exactly the same design ethos for high resolution playback as used in the creation of all PMC’s loudspeakers, namely musicality, transparency and neutrality, where nothing is added and nothing is taken away. The role of the amplifier, like the company’s speakers, is to reproduce the music exactly as it is meant to be heard. Designed and hand-built by PMC in the UK, the cor – the dictionary definition of which is: (anatomy) heart; (figuratively) soul, mind – is an integrated amplifier that works entirely in the analogue domain.

  • COR Integrated Amplifier