Martin Logan has been part of the hi-end audio community since the early 1980’s and is universally praised for its hybrid loudspeaker designs utilising its founding electrostatic technology. Combining elegant impactful design and reference levels of performance, Martin Logan blends musical enjoyment and aesthetics beautifully. Often loudspeakers that provide this level of power and transparency are imposing structures that dominate rooms, yet Martin Logan manage to provide the natural scale of music in an unobtrusive form factor that actually adds to a space rather than taking away from it. Not satisfied with just hi performance two channel audio their move into home cinema solutions, multi-room architectural speakers, and outdoor systems make Martin Logan a compelling range of product for all applications around a home with all the performance you would expect from a company as legendary as this.


At the heart of every ultimate MartinLogan speaker lies an ultra-thin transparent electrostatic diaphragm. Driven by charged electrons and weighing less than the air it moves, the diaphragm is so responsive it reproduces sound at levels only associated with the finest audio electronics. With indistinguishably low distortion, the electrostatic diaphragm precisely tracks the input signal, engages the air, and transmits the audio signal to your ear-flawlessly. For over 20 years MartinLogan engineers have continuously sought to further improve sonically superior electrostatic technology. Today, the new XStat™ transducer represents the ultimate manifestation of the sum of MartinLogan’s electrostatic engineering expertise.

  • Neolith, CLX Art, Renaissance, Expression ESL 13A, Impression ESL 11A, Classic ESL 9, Electromotion ESL X, Electromotion ESL, Illusion ESL C34, ESL C18, EFX, Electromotion FX2, Electromotion ESL C


The elegant Motion tower speakers are the newest additions to MartinLogan’s award-winning Motion® Series. Voice-matched with the entire Motion Series products, Motion speakers feature their advanced resolution Folded Motion™ tweeter and have been designed with a luscious high-gloss piano black finish, subtle angled-top cabinet with soft radius corners and signature MartinLogan perforated grille.

  • Motion 60XT, Motion 40, Motion 20, Motion 35XT, Motion 15, Motion 4i, Motion 2i, Motion 50XT, Motion 30, Motion SLM-XL, Motion SLM, Motion 8i,Motion 6i, Motion AFX


MartinLogan subwoofers are inherently superior because they are designed to effortlessly match the speed and detail of an electrostatic loudspeaker—the quickest and most detailed transducer in the world. Any 2-channel stereo or multi-channel home theater system will benefit from a richly detailed, high-quality subwoofer.

  • Balanced Force 212, Balanced Force 210, Dynamo 1500X, Dynamo 1000W, Dynamo 700W, Dynamo 500, SW2TRE, SW2RE, SW2TE


The MartinLogan soundbars deliver 5-channel surround sound from a sleek and sculptural all-in-one system that’s stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. Incorperating the Motion® Vision X with DTS Play-Fi® technology, this delivers listeners the freedom and flexibility to stream high-res music wirelessly over their existing Wi-Fi network. Also, Play-Fi is an open platform, so you can mix and match any DTS Play-Fi enabled speaker.

  • Motion Vision X, Cadence

Powered Speakers

Miraculous performance from an unexpected source: a wireless audio streaming system. MartinLogan’s Wireless powered speakers deliver superior audio performance using the best streaming technologies available, DTS Play-Fi®, Apple AirPlay, and Bluetooth. Access your digital music library or online streaming audio services. Art and technology combine to delivers extraordinary sound anywhere you want it.

  • Crescendo, Bravado


Your personal digital audio library, and your favorite online audio services, are available, wirelessly, anywhere in your home, at the touch of a button, at a level of quality that no other streaming loudspeaker system can match. If you already enjoy a pair of MartinLogan loudspeakers you can use the Forte Wireless Amplifier to power and stream audio directly to them at the same time utilising Playfi and DTS. The Forte Wireless Amplifier also features an Ethernet connection, for whole home networking up to 256 zones and performance can be optimized instantly with Anthem Room Correction Technology.

  • Forte, Unison