Kordz began in Australia in 2003, identifying and addressing a gap in the market for sensible, purpose engineered connectivity solutions for the custom AV installation professional. Just two years later HDMI began to surge in the market, and Kordz became an early official licensed Adopter of the technology, quickly building a strong reputation, most particularly, as a long length connectivity specialist. HDMI has been sensational and transformative in the AV industry, helping elevate us all into the High Definition era. For over a decade, Kordz continues to build on their solid reputation by bringing not only solutions, but knowledge and education to custom installers and AV enthusiasts around the world.


Every wire in EVO-R is pure solid copper. We extrude the copper with great attention to a consistent diameter and unblemished surface to ensure maximum signal transfer from the smallest possible wire. Then we embed each conductor in foamed PE insulation to minimise capacitance, before arranging in an optimised geometry for zero crosstalk with lots of shielding. The result is a remarkably thin, highly competent cable. In combination with the selection of premium materials used throughout, it also results in very light weight and great flexibility. Less weight means less strain on the receptacle, allowing everything to work properly and without risk.

  • EVO-HD0060R, EVO-HD00120R, EVO-HD00180R, EVO-HD0240R, EVO-HD0300R


The solid wire conductors of EVS-R are 2.5x larger than those in EVO-R, resulting in 60% more surface area. This means faster digital bit ‘rise times’, drastically increasing the bandwidth headroom. Further to this the main conductors of EVS-R are coated in a surface of pure silver (2% of conductor volume) to harness the natural phenomenon of skin effect, meaning the signal travels predominantly through silver. Good video relies on accurate pixel color definitions, being right or wrong, whereas audio can be impacted by all sorts of subtleties in the waveform. The larger surface and silver coating maintains superior timing accuracy, resulting in superior PCM and HD audio performance.

  • EVS-HD0060R, EVS-HD00120R, EVS-HD00180R, EVS-HD00240R, EVS-HD00300R, EVS-HD00500R


The EVX series HDMI cables combine optimal manufacturing techniques with premium materials and engineering know how to produce stunning results. The award winning series is designed for the true enthusiast, achieving the maximum ‘High Speed with Ethernet’ rating over all lengths using a totally passive design, without electronic compensation.

Construction is based on optimized flat-cable geometry with large gauge solid OFC (Oxygen free copper) conductors, 7% silver plating on the critical TMDS channels and our precision ultrasonic auto soldering. The connector is also precision engineered, offering full alloy shielding and tight tolerances for a secure fit.

  • EVX-HD0050, EVX-HD0100, EVX-HD0200, EVX-HD0300, EVX-HD0500, EVX-HD00750, EVX-HD01000


Lux – n. A unit of luminosity (light level) over a given area, with the reference being the illumination level of a full moon on a clear night at tropical latitudes (1 Lux). In video reproduction, the benchmark for performance can be likened to the night sky; deep black with the stars providing brilliant contrast, broad colour gamut and fine detail. The Kordz LUX™ Ultimate HDMI® cable employs the best engineering, materials and production processes to create an interconnect that honours its namesake for benchmark performance – purist video, rich blacks and stunning HD Audio. Pure silver is the best metal conductor, so the LUX silver content surrounding the oxygen free, solid copper core TMDS channels is a generous to 12%. This ultimately benefits high dynamic range uncompressed digital audio formats such as Dolby Digital True HD, DTS Master Audio and PCM. Sonic purity is further enhanced by the use of palladium plating on LUX connectors, which does not tarnish over time.

  • LUX-HD0050, LUX-HD0100, LUX-HD0150, LUX-HD0200, LUX-HD0300, LUX-HD0500, LUX-HD0750, LUX-HD01000