KAUBER specializes in the production and distribution of high quality projection screens and accessories required for professional video installations. During the manufacturing process they use only materials which meet the highest technical specifications. Kauber components are supplied to leaders in the European market offering great value for money yet high quality fixed and electric screens as well as projector lifts.

Red Label

Red Label is the latest series of KAUBER electrical projection screens, designed for true home theater enthusiast. A characteristic feature of this model is the increased distance between the projection surface and the wall, enabling installation of the screen directly on the flat TV. The unique mounting system of series Red Label makes installation quick and intuitive.

Blue Label

A series of contemporarily designed electrical projection screens in aluminum anodized housings. A unique design and a wide range of projection surfaces makes them the most often selected screens for home theatres and conference rooms. The Tension version is additionally equipped with a special tension system to achieve a flat viewing screen.


KAUBER In-Ceiling are the ultimate electric pull-down projection screens, designed for installation on suspended ceilings. Functionally designed aluminum case has many assembly possibilities. The Tensioned version is additionally equipped with a special system of tensioners in order to achieve a perfectly flat projection surface.  A series designed for ceilings, both for conference rooms as well as home theatres.

White Label

The White Label series of electric screens is designed for offices, conference and lecture rooms. Very small, sleek, white body made of aircraft grade aluminium ideally suited for every office or conference space.


Screen Frames Series have a perfectly tensioned projection surface, stretched on a stylish aluminium frame. This series will satisfy even the most demanding users, they are perfect for home theatres or lecture halls.

Large Screen Formats

Large-format screens comprise a range of solutions for lecture halls as well as large conference halls and viewing rooms (5-12m). The series has numerous applications and is comprised of seamless projection screen surfaces for installation on viewing constructions.


Econo Series Projection Screens are engineered to exceed the expectations of our customers and sold at the rock bottom prices. There are three types of Econo Screens. Econo Mobile is a series of portable light weight projection screens which come with a tri-pod. Our mobile screens come in multiple sizes. Econo Electric is a series of electric projection screens designed to be concealed in the ceiling or wall. You’ll find their electric screens meet the demanding needs of business meeting rooms, educational institutions and hospitality facilities. Econo wall is a series of pull down manual wall projection screens. They are ideal for the conference rooms or classrooms. All of manual projection screens come in multiple sizes.

Projection Surfaces

KAUBER offer an extensive range of screen surfaces meeting any requirement imaginable. From Matt White gain of 1 to high gain, high contrast, perforated, and rear projection Kauber have a solution for you.

  • Clear Vision, Matt White Pearl, Gray Pro, Bi Vision, Gray Flex, Matt White Plus, White Flex, Flex 3D, White Ice, Perforated, Astral

Lift and Projector Mounts

Offering a useful range of quality value for money universal and dedicated mounting systems for multimedia projectors, KAUBER have a suitable mount for most installatios.

  • Ultra Direct, UP12, Profi 22, Pro 1, Profi 68-110, Pro 1 Plus, UP 26-35, UP 42-65, UP 70-120, UP 15-45, Lift V Ultraslim, Lift V 70+, UT-09, UT-04