The Kaleidescape system simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape system s fault-tolerant Disk Cartridges, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organizing movies and music. Digital Media can also be purchased in its optimum format via Kaleidescape s Online Store. Kaleidescape uses high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies and music throughout your establishment, making them accessible anywhere, anytime, and without any loss of quality.


Kalaidescape Encore, the ultimate in video and audio fidelity. Kaleidescape Encore products provide the most convenient way for movie lovers to enjoy films in the finest available quality. The best movies, from the latest blockbusters to time-honored classics, are available for purchase and download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, Blu-ray quality. Encore servers and players group together to suit the needs of any home. The beautiful onscreen display makes finding movies a pleasure, and integration with modern AV control systems makes for delightful extras.

  • Strato Movie Player, Strato C Movie Player, Alto Movie Player, Terra Movie Server, Disc Server

Encore - 1080P

Delivering a truly incredible home theatre experience, the Kaleidescape Premiere System was designed to make your ultimate home theater a reality. With a clean-sheet design and a scalable architecture for simultaneous playback of Blu-ray quality movies throughout a home of any size, the Premiere System delivers a truly incredible home theatre experience.

  • M500 Movie Player, M300 Movie Player, 1U+ Movie Server, Disc Vault, DV700, M700