Integra is a world leader in building components for audio and home theatre enthusiasts. Their products set new standards for system integration, upgrading capabilities, as well as multi-zone expansion. The company employs acoustical engineers and designers from all over the world and pairs them with the industrys finest parts, materials, and tools to ensure premium quality in all their products. Integra s product range includes some of the world’s best audio/video receivers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players, and much more.


Integra have built themselves a solid reputation in the integration market by providing class leading multi-channel components that are designed to work seamlessly with leading brands of control. Their broad range of options caters to every need and their inherent quality developed over 50 years of experience is second to none.

  • DRX-R1, DRX-7, DRX-4, DRX-3.1, DRX-2.1, DSX3, DTM7, DTM-6, DTM-40.7


When a Home Theatre requires ultimate performance then discrete components are necessary to bring the best of both processing and amplification. Integra’s options fully utilise the latest developments in surround sound technology such as Dolby Atmos and DTS-X and extract the maximum performance available from these extraordinary codecs delivering a refined and yet powerful performance.

  • DRC-R1, DHC-60.7

Sound Bars

When space requirements are limited or quality secondary zones for multichannel sound are needed, sound bars fill the part beautifully. Integra’s soundbar’s limited footprint minimise visual impact but maximise aural effect making them ideal for this application.

  • DLB-40.6, DLB-5

CD Players

When streaming does not cut it fidelity wise but multiple playback options are required, Integra’s multidisc unit fits the bill. Utilising the best audio DAC on the market every detail of a performance is available to a music enthusiast.

  • CDC-3.4


Integra knows that instantaneous current capability ensures that audio output is not affected by power limitations due to load or feedback from speakers. In order to handle high levels of instantaneous current Integra utilises Inverted Darlington Circuitry usually found on hi-end amplification, high grade circuit boards, and dual mono layout to achieve the highest sonic performance possible.


  • DTA70.1