Future Automation offers bespoke solutions to conceal equipment of all types and sizes, maximizing space while preserving the safety and security of the equipment. Whether hiding devices in the floor, ceiling, walls or even within furniture, Future Automation has a concealment solution that can be designed to blend effortlessly with the room. This UK-based company employs premier designers and engineers who hand-craft every mechanism to ensure unsurpassable build quality.

Lift Mechanism

Future Automation have built their considerable reputation on their lift mechanisms which they saw a need for almost before the industry itself did. From off the shelf options to ‘can that be done ones’ Future Automation have the capacity to build any type of application to create the perfect integrated solution.

  • TV Lift
  • TV Lift Hinge
  • TV Lift Swivel
  • Underbed
  • Out of Floor
  • Specialised

Wall Mount

Future Automation have a diverse range of Wall Mount solutions from simple fixed mount to fully articulated systems giving full scope to orientations that may be needed for that perfect TV installation. They also meet the needs of the burgeoning videowall market offering solutions which tailor to the markets specific needs.

  • Motorised Articulated
  • Manual Articulated Electric Tilt and Drop
  • Fixed mount
  • Videowall Mount

Moving Panel

Nothing is quite as impressive as what you first thought was a wall transforming itself into a full TV presentation especially when it is done in such an elegant fashion as Future Automation. Giving the option of large TV installations which are completely hidden when not in use gives a hi-end project that cool factor only the most exclusive deserve.

  • Single Panel
  • Split Panel
  • Advancing Panel

Ceiling Mount

Whether it be indoor or outdoor, articulated or fixed, Future Automation provide robust Ceiling Mount solutions for most applications utilising only the highest quality metal components built to last.

  • Ceiling Drop
  • Ceiling Hinge
  • Inverted Lift
  • Pitched Ceiling Bracket


When you require that particular angle for a floor mounted TV but don’t want the issue of twisting this manually, Future Automation provide elegant bases to provide full options for both ensuring a television can be rotated but also kept as closely to the wall as possible when not in use.

  • Floor Mount
  • Table Top


Whatever the size or type of projector that needs to be installed, Future Automation have a solution available. From compact slimline models for limited in-ceiling applications, to chassis where extended drop is needed to place the projector at the ideal location Future Automation offer an option that will reliably fulfil a clients needs.

  • Lift
  • Mount


Enclosures may not be the sexiest of products but as any installer knows they form the backbone to any successful installation. Working closely with both manufacturers of control products on the market as well as installers who are working with these on a daily basis Future Automation have built solutions which maximise the mounting efficiency of these systems as well as making installation as simple and time effective as possible.

  • Lutron
  • Control 4
  • Loxone/KNX
  • Crestron
  • Other


Heat is the integration markets enemy and dealing with this effectively is a sure way to ensuring the correct operation of expensive electronic systems and the preservation of their built in longevity. Future Automation have designed solutions to efficiently remove excess heat and provide many years of trouble free running for equipment which can sum up to hundreds of thousands.

  • Rack
  • Cabinet


Providing motorised doors that are quiet and reliable is one thing, but Future Automation realise that allowing these doors to be moved when power is not available is also important when dealing with issues. Their multiple motorised door options give installers the piece of mind of site access in any conditions.

  • MDM Single Motorised
  • MDM-Split Split Motorised
  • MPM Single Motorised Panel
  • MPM-Split Split Motoried Panel


There are many ways an installer can provide key efficiencies to make a project that much more successful, Future Automation over the years have developed a number of back boxes and TV mount adapter plates amongst other things to create elegant installs which maximise the positioning of components but also the ability to stash ancillary equipment which might prove difficult to hide away.

  • Skytray
  • In-wall Box
  • Speaker Mount


Custom mechanisms are part of Future Automation’s DNA. They are a design led business and thrive on offering solutions to their clients requirements. Their clients work in a highly specialised field dealing with complex construction projects that demand high quality and often bespoke solutions. Whether it be a residential, marine or commercial application, each application can have very specific requirements. Future Automation’s design team work closely with their clients, architects and designers in creating mechanical solutions to solve the most complex of mounting and motion needs. Whether it be a one off AV solution or a large scale construction project to transform a room or environment, they have an experienced team of mechanical, electrical and design engineers who take a consultative approach in working with our clients to turn concepts into realities.


Motorisation is at the core of Future Automation business so it is a natural progression that they should provide options that are both elegant and reliable for both residential and commercial applications. With three styles on offer Future Automation provide complete solutions for managing light into any space.

  • Motorised Roman Blinds
  • Motorised Roller Blinds
  • Motorised Blackout Blinds