On September 1st, 2016 ELAC celebrated it’s 90th anniversary. With the introduction of the Debut and Uni-Fi speaker series, the industry changing Discovery Music Server, Element Integrated Amplifier,  and the Miracord 90 Anniversary turntable, ELAC has positioned itself as for today and tomorrow.  ELAC has earned its reputation—from the beginning—through advanced technology, uncompromising build quality, outstanding European design and sound that is second to none. And now, a whole new range of affordable speakers and electronics brings ELAC quality within reach of dedicated music lovers on a budget. ELAC offers a complete range of speakers and bold new electronics that bring music to life like never before. Every product Elac create delivers stunning performance, exquisite craftsmanship and unequalled value.


After turning the audiophile world on its collective ear with the remarkable Debut and Uni-Fi Series        loudspeakers, ELAC undertook the mission of creating one of their most ambitious speakers to date.  With Adante, what they are trying to do is bring excellent value to a new price point.

  • ASW-121 (SW), AF-61, AS-61, AC-61


A family of performers. Every Debut loudspeaker system establishes a value proposition—with build quality and spectacular performance—that goes beyond every other speaker in its class. The ELAC Debut series delivers superior performance thanks to custom made key components, with no off-the-shelf parts. Unlike many more expensive speakers that mix parts-bin drivers, bare-bones crossovers and generic cabinets—every ELAC speaker is built from a clean-sheet design.

  • 5.0, B6, B5, B4, C5, A4, F6, F5, UF5, UB5, UC5

Unifi Slim

All three Uni-Fi loudspeakers—bookshelf, floorstanding and center-channel—employ a concentric driver. Because of its ideal time-domain characteristics, a concentric design—combining a tweeter and midrange diaphragm within a single voice coil—delivers the most coherent and accurate reproduction across the treble and midrange frequency spectrums. Because of their high cost, concentric drivers are traditionally used in only the most expensive speakers. Uni-Fi can be the basis of an outstanding two-channel system, or used to build an awe-inspiring multi-channel surround-sound system. Add an ELAC subwoofer to rock your world of music and movies like you never imagined.

  • FS U5, BS U5, CC U5,

Line 240.3

Uni-Fi Slim are the latest additions to the Uni-Fi family of bookshelf, floorstanding and center-channel speakers. The Slim series brings a sophisticated European flair to Uni-Fi, with cabinets that are slimmer, taller and deeper than the originals and each comes in a high-quality satin painted black or white finish to complement the most elegant décor.

  • FS 249.3, FS 247.3, CC 241.3, BS 244.3, BS 243.3

Line 260

The simple, yet striking, Line 260 cabinet contours are emphasized by shorter radii, while the uniform color of the driver surrounds provides restrained visual elegance. The new magnetically-attached grilles, when removed, offer a view of the high-gloss paintwork, undisturbed by any mechanical hardware. The trim ring of the JET 5 tweeter, without visible screws, is another improvement in the array of modifications. However, the highly regarded and award-winning sound of every loudspeaker in the Line 240.3 remains unchanged.

  • FS 267, BS 263

Line 300

Be amazed by the volume these compact loudspeakers can produce. Both models in the Line 300 deliver an extraordinary audio experience for their size, thanks in part to aluminum cabinets that are rigid, lightweight and allow for a narrow profile that minimizes the diffraction effects of larger cabinets.

  • BS 302, BS 312

Line 400

The 400 line is a striking illustration of how design and function can be seamlessly combined. Decorative aluminum elements transform the technical components of the loudspeakers into visual highlights and the crossbar support system fitted to the floor-standing models provides an elegant—and extremely stable—foundation. The most striking acoustic innovation is the JET 5 tweeter. Outwardly recognizable by its modified appearance, it converts electrical signals with even greater precision—virtually free of inertia. By combining it with a new simplified crossover, ELAC engineers have managed to further improve the high-frequency resolution of its predecessor.

  • FS409, FS407, BS403, CC400

Line 500

Perhaps the greatest innovation of the Line 500 is the ELAC VX-JET transducer. The acclaimed drive unit, which combines the renowned JET tweeter with a ring-radiator midrange driver in a concentric arrangement, provides the foundation of these speakers’ remarkable sound. What sets it apart is the variable X-JET suspension, hence the designation VX-JET. Each model in the Line 500 combines the innovative VX-JET with other refinements to make a loudspeaker of true distinction. Critical to the high performance of the Line 500 are Crystal Membrane midrange and bass drivers based on Aluminum-Sandwich technology that deliver maximum stiffness and unrivaled performance within their frequency ranges. Inside are the finest crossover components and outside, beautifully finished cabinets—wherever you look, you’ll discover the ELAC passion for perfect detail.

  • FS509, FS507 VX JET, CC501 VX-JET


One look tells you this is no ordinary loudspeaker; at more than 5½–ft tall and weighing more than 300 lbs, Concentro commands attention. Its elliptical cabinet is crafted to the finest furniture-grade perfection and finished in high-gloss white or black epoxy, or to specification in any color in between.  The whole result of the Concerto’s considerable technology is in a near point-source presentation of the sound source, micro-accuracy and flawless, pinpoint imaging. Meanwhile, dynamic range is nearly unlimited, from the most nuanced detail to the most powerful crescendo.

  • Concerto


Those who love the silver screen can enjoy cinema with sound as big and realistic as the picture, but with loudspeakers that hardly intrude. Both Cinema 30 and Cinema 10 Sets—based on either BS 302 or SAT 2 loudspeakers—deliver a surround-sound movie experience that has to be heard to be believed.

  • 30 Set, 10 Set, 2 Sat


AIR-X technology is employed in the award-winning Line 400 loudspeakers, to become the AIR-X 400 series, offering outstanding precision and thrilling dynamics, without a signal cable in sight. This is wireless audio redefined to the highest standard, with ultra-precise DSP technology matched with classic analog amplification in the AIR-X AMP to deliver an unrivaled listening experience. Here, lossless and uncompressed signal transmission meets Class A/B amplification: the AIR-X system is your guarantee of exceptional sound.

  • 407, 403, Base, 409


Carefully selected features allow the active AM 200 to serve in a variety of applications—as a classic reference monitor, paired with streaming and music servers, or in numerous other configurations. Just add a source and you have a compact reference monitor.

Line 2000

How smart can a subwoofer be? Thanks to the ELAC SubEQ app and the Advanced Bluetooth® control interface, listeners can simply pair an iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device with the new ELAC SUB 2090, 2070 and 2050 subwoofers and adjust the sound to their preferences. Intuitive, comprehensive and downloadable, free of charge, this clever app means there are no complicated network connections, as the subwoofer and mobile device communicate directly via BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy). The new ELAC subwoofers can be connected directly using loudspeaker cables or stereo RCA cables and if you prefer to dispense with wires altogether, the new high-performance subwoofers are equipped with an ELAC Wireless Interface for wireless music transmission.

  • Sub 2090, Sub 2070, Sub 2050, Sub 2030


ELAC celebrates its 90th anniversary by saluting the Golden Age of stereo when turntables reigned supreme. The legend of ELAC’s Miracord turntable lives on today, with dealers and customers constantly asking when the ELAC loudspeaker family will finally include a turntable. The resurgence of vinyl has created a groundswell of enthusiasm among audiophiles and even casual listeners, and for those with roots in hi-fi, the ELAC Miracord remains an iconic name from the era of the long-playing disc.


The Alchemy Series by ELAC takes the great ideas and expertise of renowned hi-fi engineer Peter Madnick and his team, and makes a comeback with a series of seamlessly integrated and expandable components that deliver performance unheard of in their price range. Alchemy power comes in many forms: the groundbreaking 3-in-1 Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amp; an impressive Power Supply Upgrade; Stereo and Mono Digital Hybrid Power Amps; even an ultra-quiet Phono Stage for vinyl lovers.

  • DDP-1, DMP-1, DPA-1, DPA-1M, PPA-1, PS-5

EA Series Integrated Amplifier

The launch of ELAC’s Debut and Uni-Fi series loudspeakers called for a great-sounding amplifier that delivers the performance, flexibility and value essential for a product to carry the ELAC name. So where none existed before, ELAC engineers created the EA Series. Starting with a clean-sheet, their design brief was clear: build the most powerful, versatile, easy-to-use integrated amplifier imaginable; do it without compromising sound, reliability and a great user experience; and price it so fairly that it becomes a hands-down choice, even when compared against units at many times the price.