When you choose Philips Dynalite, you are selecting the world’s finest lighting control system. Tried and tested in more than 30,000 projects, they have implemented some of the largest and most extensive control networks around the globe. The same robust technology can be used in any application, on any scale. Testiment to this is two of Dubai’s premier building projects which chose Phillips Dynalite for their complete fitout – the Burj Al Arab and Burj Kalifa.


Regardless of the level of integration and range of available functions, a control system requires an intuitive end-user interface, so that users can easily schedule and activate the various control functionalities. Philips Dynalite user interfaces come in a broad range of Keypads, touchscreens and wiring devices – with a rich variety of styles and finishes to match any project budget, level of interactivity, or décor requirements.

  • Antumbra, Revolution, Classic, Standard, Colour Touchscreen


The Dynalite sensor range combines motion detection, light level detection and IR receive in one unit. Each of these features can be operated at the same time, allowing automation scenarios such as turning on the lights after detecting motion and then dimming the lighting level once the available sunlight has been measured, thereby providing additional energy savings. By combining each of these functions into one device, operational efficiency is improved. Each sensor has an in-built microprocessor, allowing logical functions to control one small room, the floor of a building, or an entire building.

  • Wall/Ceiling, Recessed, Surface Mount, Dali Long Range,

Relay Controllers

As one of the most popular forms of lighting control, relay controllers can have the greatest impact in terms of energy management and lighting control. Available in both DIN-rail and wall-box configurations, this Dynalite solution enables a vast range of relay controllers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work individually or as part of a system, thus fulfilling any project requirement. Each device can store over 170 presets, allowing the recall of complex switching logic from simple network messages. As the required preset scenarios are stored within each relay device, the commissioning process and network messages are simplified.

  • Single `room, switched loads, Multiload, Keycard, Luminaire, Sub Network Luminaire

Phase Cut Dimmers

Leading Edge Dimmer Controllers are ideal for lighting circuits with resistive and inductive properties, including mains voltage incandescent fittings, neon and low voltage lamps with a compatible electronic transformer. Available in both DIN-rail and wall box configuration, Dynalite supports a vast range of leading edge dimmer controllers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work individually or part of a system, fitting any project requirement. Wall box dimmer controllers have been engineered to achieve rise times of over 100μS producing reduced filament sing, reduced supply voltage noise, resulting in extended lamp life.

  • Leading Edge, Trailing Edge

Signal Dimmers

The Dynalite range of Signal Dimmer Controllers, have been engineered to meet the future demands of projects. They are capable of transmitting all industry standard driver protocols (1-10V, DSI, DALI and Broadcast DALI) and support two ranges of install opportunities of both DIN-rail and wall box, to allow for flexible install opportunities. The Signal Dimmer Controller range also support a vast range of driver controllers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work individually or as part of a system, suiting any project requirement.

  • Single, Multi, DALI


Capable of directly driving LED fittings, the Dynalite LED Dimmers use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to great effect. Perfectly suited to Red, Green, Blue (RGB) colour changing applications, chase sequencing or provision of elegant scene settings. The Dynalite LED drivers come in a range of configurations to meet the compatibility requirements of many of the available LED fittings. Each device is ready to receive native DMX allowing them to be used in colour mixing or chase sequence applications.

  • Direct Drive


Within any project, many different lighting load types may be required to achieve a desired result. Each of these load types may require a different style of control. The Dynalite range of multipurpose controllers allows customization of output types via different output module units. When using DIN-rail multipurpose controllers, a specific type of control can be chosen for each circuit: relay, leading-edge dimmer, trailing-edge dimmer, driver control, controller with out-of-the-box functionality, fan control, and blind/screen control. In any combination, multiple load types can be controlled from a single device.

  • Single Room, Twin, Quad, Multiload, leading/Signal

Integration Devices

Within any modern project, many third-party systems can be found performing different roles. Each separate system may use a different protocol for communication. Dynalite has developed a range of gateway devices that can be used to synchronize these systems’ functions into one integrated system solution.

  • Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, Passive, DMX512, BACnet, KNX, LON, Dry Contact, Low Level, IR, Fancoil,

Network Devices

To bring all the different devices together, Dynalite supports a range of network devices that are useful in creating a problem-free installation.

  • Timeclock, PS, Junction Box, Serial Port, PC, Active