For around 50 years, the name Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has been synonymous with high-fidelity loudspeakers of the very finest quality. The company boasts one of the most diversified product lines to ensure that every acoustical need can be met – from affordable compact speakers to the most sophisticated, hand-crafted collector pieces, to custom installation speakers, and everything else in-between. B&W scientists and engineers work closely with recording giants (Abbey Road, EMI, Decca, and many more) as the industry’s Reference brand. The biggest and most prestigious players in the entertainment world use B&W to ensure sound is recorded correctly and in its optimum form; a privilege earned by only the best.


Bowers & Wilkins makes the world’s best Hi-Fi loudspeakers. You can also experience this sound quality from speakers that fit into the walls and ceilings of your home, taking up no floor space and which are almost completely invisible to the eye.

  • CCM362, CCM382, CCM663, CCM664, CCM665, CCM682, CCM683, CCM684, CCM683SR, CCM684SR, CCM7.3, CCM7.4, CCM7.5, CCM8.5, CCM Cinema 7


Bowers & Wilkins In-Wall loudspeakers deliver incredibly natural, Hi-Fi quality sound from wonderfully discreet, near-invisible loudspeakers. Their comprehensive range means they have the ideal system for your needs, allowing users to experience high-performance, pristine audio without having to take up valuable floor space with loudspeakers.

  • CWM652, CWM664, CWM663
  • CWM LCR7, CWM7.3, CWM7.4, CWM7.5, CWM8.5, CWM Cinema 7, CWM8.3D, CWM8.5D, CWM8.3, CWM8.5, ISW-4, ISW-3, SA250 Mk2


Bowers & Wilkins outdoor loudspeakers bring impeccable sound quality to places where conventional speakers fear to tread. They are designed to sound stunning mounted anywhere: indoors or out, all year round and in all conditions. They are very resilient, but look so good they are often found in premium bars and restaurants.

  • AM-1 Bk, AM-1 Wt


The marine environment is possibly the most unforgiving into which you can introduce a high-performance loudspeaker. Bowers & Wilkins Marine Series loudspeakers are designed to thrive in this environment. They are incredibly durable but not at the expense of sonic performance. Bowers & Wilkins engineers made sure the sound was right, and then added the necessary toughness.

  • 6, 8