An icon from Zuffenhausen meets with an icon from Berlin. Since the introduction of the Burmester High-End Surround Sound System with the launch of the first generation of the Porsche Panamera, Burmester has been considered a benchmark for factory-integrated car hi-fi systems. As the first car audio company to impliment a surround sound system, Burmester received the “Image Hifi Award”. Moreover, this pole position was successfully defended with the follow–up projects in the Porsche Cayenne, the 911 Carrera and also in the Boxster, 918 Spyder and Cayman. With the new Porsche Panamera, Burmester has entered a totally new sound dimension of audiophile listening quality that is truly unprecedented.


“When two visionary companies that passionately follow their ideas come together, the result is something very special. Together, Mercedes and Burmeister have taken the art of engineering to a new level and created a perfect synergy: a car sound system with a clear mission – to be the very best there is,” Dieter Burmester explains for the partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes Benz – AMG, and Mercedes Benz – Maybach


In the case of the Bugatti EB 16.4 VEYRON, Burmester and the Bugatti engineers designed a superlative sound system as this out-of-the-ordinary car called for out-of-the-ordinary ideas, also for listening to music. The Bugatti project marked the start of Burmester high-end sound systems for cars. In contrast to the normal method of integrating a complete sound system into an existing vehicle, Burmester and the Bugatti team tried to figure out the best arrangement of the components in the car whilst the monocoque was still at the design stage. Such cooperation in the early stages of the construction of the bodywork and the interior was necessary in order to attain to the best performance, musicality and design. Thus, the controls were completely redesigned. The goal was to enable the driver to use them effortlessly even at high speeds.