Since 1977 Burmester Audiosysteme has been manufacturing high-end audio components of unsurpassed quality. From the very beginning the objective has been to create a perfect blend of highest-quality sound, technological innovation and timeless design. Highly trained technicians assemble all Burmester components by hand in its Berlin factory. Because “Made in Germany” is a label that is taken very seriously by Burmester. Burmester’s research and development department constantly strives to not only keep up with the latest advances but to set its own trends and standards. From the first design sketch via a number of prototypes to the final product shipped from the Berlin factory: each component that bears the Burmester name has been developed in its entirety in-house. As an audio pioneer, Burmester has created a number of legendary components that have become icons of the high-end audio universe.


With respect to sound quality, innovation and manufacturing quality our Reference Line claims to set the standards worldwide. Through the uncompromising application of technical knowledge and highest-quality parts in this product line we define today’s “State of the Art” in audio technology.

  • 069 CD Player, 808 Mk5 Preamplifier, 077 Preamplifier, 909 Mk5 Power Amplifier, 948 Power Conditioner, 111 Music centre

Top Line

Burmester’s Top Line has many technical similarities with the Reference Line, however, in a more compact design. The perfect fusion of sound and design has given this line iconic status which is reflected in audio reviews all over the world.

  • 089 CD Player, 088 Preamplifier, 100 Phono Preamplifier, 911 Mk3 Power Amplifier, 151 Music Centre, 150 Network Player

Classic Line

The Classic Line impresses with its concentration on the essential. Apart from achieving high standards of sound quality and design Burmeister put special emphasis on the ease of use. The operation of each component is simple and self-explanatory. With regard to technology and quality this product line profits substantially from the research and development work done for their Reference and Top Lines.

  • 061 CD Player, 102 CD Player, 035 Preamplifier, 099 Preamplifier, 956 Mk2 Power Amplifier, 036 power Amplifier, 032 integrated Amplifier, 082 integrated, Amplifier, 101 Integrated Amplifier

Phase 3

Inspired by the successful cooperation with the automotive partners Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, Burmester took another step towards music-lovers, who are not typical audiophiles. The successful network products showed Burmesters expertise in the digital area and gave the next important impulse. The Burmester “All-In-One” concept combines these benefits with the design of a modern living ambience.

  • Retro Style, Loft Style


Since 1994 Burmester Audio Systems has been making loudspeakers which are in a position to fill a listening space with impressive sound and conjure up a three-dimensional musical experience for the listener. The various instruments sound remarkably true to life. Whatever the volume, the sound is always smooth and perfectly balanced. Burmeister use bass reflex cabinets for the dynamic and uncompressed rendition of bass notes. They enhance the lower registers and at the same time minimize distortion. Column loudspeakers owe their slim appearance to the fact that the bass speakers are fitted into the side.They run in every loudspeaker chassis for seven days before proceeding to the assembly stage. The parameters are measured, and the computer puts together pairs with extremely close tolerance levels. Only identical stereo loudspeakers can create a perfect three-dimensional soundscape.

  • B100, B80 Mk2, BA71, BA31, 961 Mk3, B25, B10, S8, B18