Within the integration market technology is very much hidden. One thing that is not are keypads for controlling lighting, air-conditioning, curtains, and media etc. While most of the components we use aesthetically do not matter, keypads on the other hand are all about the look as well as functionality. Understanding this intuitively, Blacknova have created a range of stunning control devices to make any prospective client sit up and take notice. Situated in the Brabante Settentrionale region of the Netherlands, Blacknova focuses on the balance between pure design and innovative technology taking in all the sophistication of the European market with the practicality of the Dutch. Comprising of 4 distinctive keypad ranges with unique finishes incorporating a full range of electrical sockets, Blacknova have a clear focus for these applications in both a domestic and commercial environment, and with RS-485, KNX, and Crestnet integration offer full integration options.


Comprised of natural elegance eliciting straight lines, simple shapes, vivid colors and perfect glass surfaces, the Aria range is a stylish match for any modern interior. Intimating a bespoke feel, but with a high precision manufacturing standard, the Aria creates a sense of comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Featuring both fixed as well as customisable buttons, and customisable background colour, the Aria offers an affordable yet uncompromised entry point to the brand.

Aria 9 Buttons, Aria 12 Buttons, Aria Thermostats, Aria 9 Buttons & Thermostat, Aria 12 Buttons & Theromostat

Aria T-Dot

Featuring the same highest standard of fit and finish of the base Aria range, Aria T-Dot incorporates space for an Amazon Echo Dot to be discretely housed within its chassis allowing for full Alexa voice activation within a room. Also offering both fixed and customisable buttons, the Aria T-Dot gives you all the options one would need.

Aria T-Dot 9 Buttons, Aria T-Dot 12 Buttons, Aria  T-Dot Thermostat

Aria Hospitality

Just because Blacknova have created a commercial product don’t image that they have compromised their exemplary fit and finish. Building their hospitality range on the already superb Aria platform to include functionality for hotels with a card holder and door panels with and without RFID capability, Blacknova have an option that will please the most exacting client.

Aria Card Holder, Aria Card Holder with RFID, Aria Door Panel, Aria Door Panel with RFID


With its unique fresh design and luxury feel the Alba range nicely matches a variety of interiors, from an eclectic urban loft to a mid-century living room, from a minimalist conference room to classical yacht suites. Comprising of a great range of customisable buttons, sensors, and a high quality OLED screen, the Alba gives a great deal of functionality and flexibility for a quality home environment.

Alba 2 Buttons, Alba 4 Buttons, Alba 8 Buttons, Alba Thermostat


The Any range as its name suggests offers a fully bespoke touchscreen surface allowing you to create whatever configuration or style you wish. Featuring a bold and stunning design as well as a simple and intuitive user interface, it literally feels your presence and your needs as it is packed with the lastest generation sensors including proximity, gesture, ambient light, color, temperature, and humidity to give you all the feedback your client might possible need.

Any Glass