The Pacific Northwest is a music and tech nirvana – a region known for cool sound and earth-shattering innovation. AudioControl is no exception and their award-dotted 35-year history of designing and building superb audio equipment from scratch only exemplifies such. The company prides itself on an obsession with audio – including some of the best engineers – and they make audio tools for people who love amazing sound. Signal processors for the car and home, distributed audio systems and amplifiers for home theater, audio analyzers and calibration equipment, the company boasts an impressive portfolio to cater to all audio needs.

Zone Amps

Zone Amps are a breakthrough compact high-power Amplifier/DAC in one, with the ability to control volume making it an ideal solution for all sources including those with fixed digital output. These compact units dramatically improve the audio quality and performance of audio zones, and act as a perfect solution to upgrading the performance of TV set-ups, digital audio systems like SONOS, HEOS and others, gaming set-ups as well as improving the way all speakers work in the residential and pro-audio custom market.

  • Rialto 400, Rialto 600, Bijou 600

Multi-zone Amps

Pristine sonics are the first goal of any AudioControl amplifier design. Ultimately, music and enjoyment are what they are  delivering. Everyone at AudioControl relishes this responsibility, and they take it seriously in all that they do. Not only should an amplifier sound great; it must perform within the unique application of a whole-house audio system. Their meticulous attention to detail and pro-sound heritage speaks for itself in the dozens of accolades their products have received. Audio Control’s greatest satisfaction, however, comes from their reputation for excellence amongst fellow audiophiles—people just like you.

  • Architect Series        2660, 1600SE, 1680EQ, 1660, 1280EQ, 1260, 210EQ, 110
  • Architect P Series    P2680EQ, P2280EQ, P2660, P2260, P800

Director Series

Referring to AudioControl’s Director® Series as “just another set of amplifiers” is not entirely unlike calling a Ferrari “just another car.” With an incredibly powerful array of features—not to mention the capacity to deliver unrivaled audio performance across the whole music system— AudioControl’s network amplifiers redefine the very purpose of an amplifier.

  • Director D Series      3400, 4400
  • Director M Series    4800, 4840, 6400, 6800