Established well over a decade ago, Amina is now the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions. The Amina headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England; where products are assembled, tested at many stages by production teams and packaged. Amina’s research and product development teams are at the world’s leading edge in the field of invisible sound technology. Their dedication to quality and performance continues to refine and re-define the field, as they persist in discovering new ways of producing sonic excellence within the company’s mandate.


Designed for budget-sensitive applications such as commercial and MDU projects, the iQ Developer Series incorporates the same VPT technology as the Mobius Series loudspeakers, but in a smaller form factor. Designed to be used with either a full wet plaster skim (2mm) or with a covering such as wood veneer or high pressure laminate (Amina veneer adhesive available), iQ Series loudspeakers offer a low-cost yet flexible invisible sound solution.

  • iQ2, iQ3


The leading edge of invisible loudspeaker technology, feather-edge (plaster up-to) loudspeakers are designed for installation into drywall without the requirement for a full wet plaster skim. With incredible acoustic performance, this technology allows for powerful bass and maximum SPL, all in the lightweight and easy to install form factor that Amina products are known for.

  • 5, 7


Where drywall ceilings and walls are not being used, Amina have a range of fully covered loudspeakers. From installation with a full wet plaster skim coat, into wooden panelling, behind high pressure laminate, natural stone veneer etc. Amina fully covered loudspeakers provide a highly flexible solution that works with nearly any covering material used in the existing construction and design of the project, delivering incredible room-filling sound throughout.

  • 5, 7


Amina Passive Integrated Subwoofers are designed to be installed into the fabric of the property, visible only by way of the port vent, offering smooth low frequency extension with minimal visual impact. With bass performance that can add warmth or shake a room when needed, the range of passive subwoofers compliment the range of Amina VPT loudspeakers to help deliver a breath taking full bandwidth experience.

  • ALF 120, 80, 40