Founded in Australia 35 years ago, AEX System was as an audio solutions development and manufacturing company. Over the years they invested heavily in the development of TCP/IP based network audio solutions focusing on the 2 key business segments of wireless Public Address Systems and Business Audio Solutions. AEX Systems Public Address solution focuses on life safety and how our system can contribute to the overall convergence of all ELV solutions on a single Network Infrastructure. Whereas their Business Audio Solutions focus on how high quality music and audio can be a tool for business operators to improve their revenue. AEX Systems offer unique modern alternatives in an increasingly complex work environment.

TCP/IP Network Public Address System Solutions

AEX System pioneered the fully TCP/IP technology in the today’s Network Public Address (PA) System industry. To date, thousands of TCP/IP network PA system projects have been installed with AEX System’s Vectus solution.

  • VEB 42-IPC, VEB 42-10, VEB 404-S, VEB 601-S, VEB 604-S, VEB 601PM-L, VEB 6010PD-L, VLS 12, VAC, VEB 31, VEB 32, VPD

TCP/IP Network Business Audio Solutions

AEX System’s Network Business Audio Solution has revolutionized the way high fidelity music is delivered, expanded the breadth of audio system usage, elevated the system to be part of business Return of Investment (RoI) tools, and it is part of today’s Internet of Things (IoT) community. A truly plug and play IP based business audio solution. The solution provides innovative features designed for F&B outlets and retail business premises. Features such as wireless App Paging, Add Adverts and Time scheduled music playlist are all tailored to help owners obtain ROI on the system.

  • VPA Series – VPA-21, VPA-22-App, VPA 43-10, VPA 401, VPA 6010PD-L, VPA 601-AS
  • VRX Series – VRX-21, VRX-22 App, VRX 43-10, VRX 401, VRX 6010PD-L, VRX 601-AS
  • VBS 12-IPC, VBS 43-10, VBS 404, VBS 601, VBS 604, VBS 6010PD-L, VBS 601-AS, VBS 6000

Digital Public Address (PA) System

AEX System’s digital PA system has been widely used in the commercial and industrial buildings where multiple paging zones are necessary. Digital audio matrix system was introduced to manage multiple audio sources to multiple output zones simultaneously.

  • MA 2000, MED 306, MED 312M, Medusa 400P, MEI 60, eX 800A, PB 1000, AC 04S, AC 08S, LS12A, ATS, AM 10S, PS 06, AC 04S, LS12A, ATS, AM 10S, PS 06

H Series Wireless AirStream Speakers

Breakaway from tradition – go wireless! Don’t over complicate your sound installation with messy costly cabling. With AEX System’s world first commercial/industrial wireless speaker system utilizing our proprietary AirStream technology they ensure undisrupted “drop-out free” audio at all times. The AirStream speakers works across a range of AirStream transmitters.

  • VBS 601-AS, VPA 601-AS, VRX- 601-AS, HB 550-AS, SB 515-AS, HB 8-AS, HB-12-AS, HB-15-AS


AEX System’s speaker range has gone through their thorough testing and tuning to ensure best audio reproduction at its most competitive price. Every single model is carefully designed with consideration for its ease of installation and maintenance in mind.

  • H Series – SB 515-PD, HB 550, HB 550-L, HC 815
  • Surface – FG 530W, WM 563, WM 512, WM 561W
  • Ceiling – CA 6W, CE 6W, CX, CS, CM
  • Projector and Horn – RH ABS, PLS
  • Column – VA
  • Pendent – PD 506, PD 512
  • Outdoor – GD 6