AD Systems sum up their professional audio company as “We amplify emotions!’. Leaders in high quality pro audio components for speakers and bespoke amplification. AD Systems prides itself in its pursuit of perfection choosing to only produce their product in Germany. Committed to developing the best range of audio solutions on the market, AD System’s  are constantly pushing their research and development team to develop their range to an ultimate standard. Couple this with their use of the highest quality components, manufactured with precision they also rate their product as extremely robust. Back this with an excellent customer care and support team and you are in great hands for live sound systems.

Touring Series

Roadworthy sound systems – Life “on the road” is tough, especially for sound equipment. The electric and acoustic strains are often the least of all problems. Build-ups, tear-downs, packing, unpacking, hits and bumps, moving around… All that mechanical influences require perfectly designed and manufactured systems. That´s why AD Systems pay a lot of attention to using the highest grade raw materials. All products from the touring series are CNC milled, key and slot joint with weatherproof glue, screwed and coated with Polyurea. This elaborate way of manufacturing has one single aim: Long-term use.


Precise directivity, even coverage, extended range, compact transport volumes and predictable acoustical results – a quantum leap in sound reinforcement technology. The touringline is our current flagship product and the result of extensive research, development and optimization of all components. No detail overlooked, no demand not incorporated. The TouringLine sets a new standard in line array technology applicability. No more, and definitely no less!

  • Line, Line Compact, Compact Bass, Stick, Wedge 12, Wedge 15, Sub 15, Sub 18, Infra


With the release of the AD-Systems Stium we satisfy our customers demand for a compact, very powerful horn loaded MF/HF loudspeaker system well-suited to the day-to-day needs of the rental business. The Stium closes the gap between compact systems and line arrays and is the right choice when high SPL is necessary, but the use of a line array is economically or acoustically inappropriate.… and it does away with lots of negative attributes associated with traditional horn designs.


The Magnus series has been engineered for semi-active drive and thus unites the economic advantages of a passively crossed over loudspeaker with the sound quality, reliability and performance of an actively (i.e. DSP) controlled system. Its internal passive network provides optimal frequency division and phase alignment of both ways, and thus excellent directivity characteristics. Equalization, speaker protection and powering is provided through the AD-Systems DSP and amplifiers.

  • 12, 15, Compact


Reducing the enclosure size to a minimum was made possible by using concept proven in our TouringWedge, a coaxial transducer. In this case, a 5” speaker built in a sealed enclosure to expand its application. But what do we do with the heat inside if we power the speaker at 800 Watts peak? After being asked if so much power is possible, we wanted to deliver, and we did with a sub to match

  • Spot, Sub


The products of the Flex Series are versatile and innovative audio tools for professionals and zealous users. All mid-high units have been constructed with asymmetrical enclosures, and they are able to be used as monitor and FoH speakers. The horns of the Flex-Series have been newly developed, and they have perfect physical properties. They combine square angles, precise directivity and very low distortion. They are the basis for very high speech intelligibility.

  • 8, 12, 15, 15B, 18B


The AD-Systems i.flex Series includes loudspeakers for fixed installations based on the technical characteristics and developments of Flex Series. Requirements deemed essential by their development team include: numerous mounting options, simple usable accessories, individual colour codes for the speakers as well as acoustic compatibility within the series. All of the i.flex models are characterized by outstanding acoustics, mechanics, and their optically pleasing designs. All speakers of the i.flex Series are available in standard black and white directly from the factory. RAL colours are available upon request within the shortest time possible.

  • 6,8,10, 12.1, 15.1, 12.2, 15.2, 15B, 18B


The expectations of modern system electronic has increased more and more in the last few years. Sound results are becoming more predictable. We made it our duty to fulfill this demand and developed a series of products which should suit to any demand in mobile and installation environments. All DSP equipped products are working in the same software environment to ensure the easiest operations in one network. All NT4 Units are equipped with the most up to date DSP and Dante as the Standard Audio over Ethernet Network protocol.

  • NT4-DSP, NT4-K6, NT3 K4-Modul, K14,Touring Panel