GR Media Solutions is proud to present our world class collection of product for Residential integrated systems. We distribute one of the strongest range of internationally recognised brands that are considered to be the pinnacle of performance. Additionally, we have the most dedicated and enthusiastic people in sales and design ready to assist a dealer with their requirements to build an integrated solution they can be proud of.


Home Automation

GR Media Solutions has a fine history of delivering complete systems for residential properties whether it be for a developer looking for an apartment to be made into a fully integrated smart home, supporting a dealer with a quality villa project he has, or an ambitious palace looking to push all the boundaries and create something truly marvellous. Our design centre offers complete packages from the network, audio and video distribution, lighting, security, and door entry all designed to be accessed and monitored off site through all the major control systems on the market.


For many of us in the industry Hifi was our first love before the advent of integrated solutions and stylish New Media wireless products. GR Media Solutions is proud to distribute some of the world’s most prestigious and recognised Hifi manufacturers such as Auralic, Bowers and Wilkens, Burmester, Elac, MartinLogan, Meridian, Rega, Rotel, PMC, Transparent, Triode. Our product portfolio can build a system from those offering fabulous value for money performance to money no object reference levels with many years of experience to offer quality advice. 


Home Cinema

With brands like Artcoustic, Artnovion, Barco Residential, Bel Air Cinema, Bower and Wilkens, Kalaedescape, Moovia, Palliser, Sony Professional, TK Cinema, Trinnov, and Wisdom Audio which we have represented in the Middle East for as long as 15 years, no one has a more powerful and renowned portfolio for delivering on world class residential cinemas. Couple this to our dedicated Cinema Design Service division who can provide detailed engineering design and associated drawings for any cinema project, GR Media Solutions are Kings of residential cinema.



GR Media Solutions has a strong presence in the Middle Eastern retail sector working with a great variety of retailers – both bricks and mortar as well as online. Central to this is our longstanding relationship with Bowers & Wilkins who produce a consistent array of market leading products across a number of market segments including headphones and personal audio.



The marine industry is one of the most exciting and challenging arenas for integrated systems in the current market. GR media Solutions has both rich experience and a perfectly suited product portfolio to meet the demands of even the most challenging super yacht design and fully satisfy the ambitions of even the most discriminating of clients. In addition, with our experience designing some of the most important yachts in the industry you can be assured of complete designs that not only perform to the highest standards, but work……all the time!


Acoustic Treatment/Interior Design

Even prior to building a system to fill a space with audio and video care must be taken to ensure that these systems be intelligible and due care must be taken for a spaces acoustics. GR Media Solutions is proud to represent Artnovian a world leader in acoustic absorbers and diffusers which can also add to the aesthetic of a space. Our team can design a complete package giving both acoustic management and interior design to make a space as comfortable on the ear as well as the eye.