SCHEMATICS can advise and supply audio/video and automation equipment using our portfolio of premium brands that ensure quality, reliability, and a solution to every technological necessity. The continuous development and professionalism of the company’s Design Team ensures that we are always able to expertly guide dealers, trade
associates, and clients with regards to projects. Having such a distinguished, continuallyevolving and always improving asset ensures that we are able to add great value to every project.

The System Design and Engineering Documents produced by the team are of the very best quality and guarantees system performance always matches the premium nature of our brands.

By considering the specific dimensions, acoustics, and interior decor of the space, it allows us to maximise the potential of your offering. And by working closely alongside all project stakeholders (architects, consultants, interior designers, and/or clients), we are able to devise solutions that build upon the aesthetics, while still operating flawlessly. The end result is always the most appropriate engineered solution that enables maximum
enjoyment as well as practicality.

Our team of system designers and engineers will work on a detailed bill of quantity that outlines every element of our suggested solution to make certain that all the desired functionality is realized.

Supplemented by an extensive set of drawings which are meticulously engineered to serve as the project’s backbone, we’ll graphically depict every element of the proposed system to ensure every detail is known and accounted for.