Regional Wholesale Channel Manager

Work Location: Dubai, UAE
Division/Department: Retail Department
Reports to: Regional Retail Director

Job Summary:


Wholesaler and Sub- Relationship Management:

Build and nurture strong relationships with wholesalers and sub-distributors to drive mutual growth and success.

Collaborate with partners to understand their needs, provide support, and address any concerns.

Develop and deliver Technical and Product Knowledge Trainings for Wholesalers and Sub-Distributers


Channel Development:

Develop and implement strategies to expand the wholesale and distribution channels, identifying new business opportunities and markets.

Ensure effective communication and collaboration between all stakeholders.


Sales Amount and Growth:

Set and achieve sales targets for the wholesale and distribution channels.

Continuously assess performance, implement growth strategies, and optimize sales processes.


Market Penetration:

Explore opportunities for market penetration through the effective management of wholesalers and sub-distributors.

Identify and enter new markets in collaboration with partners.


New Business Acquisition:

Lead initiatives to acquire new wholesale and distribution partnerships.

Evaluate potential partners and negotiate favorable terms to expand the network.


On-time and Accurate Stock Reports and Forecasts:

Implement processes for timely and accurate stock reporting for wholesalers and sub-distributors.

Collaborate with internal teams to ensure seamless inventory management.

Work closely with partners to gather accurate stock forecasts, ensuring a smooth supply chain and minimizing stockouts.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Daily Duties:

Daily communication with wholesalers and sub-distributors to address immediate concerns, provide support, and ensure alignment with daily objectives.

Review daily sales reports for wholesale and distribution channels, identifying trends and addressing any immediate challenges.

Conduct brief check-ins with the wholesale and distribution team to discuss priorities, challenges, and strategies for the day.

Verify stock levels with wholesalers and sub-distributors, addressing any urgent inventory issues that may impact daily operations.

Weekly Duties:

Conduct a weekly review of wholesale and distribution channel performance, analyzing sales data and identifying areas for improvement.

Develop and adjust strategic plans for the upcoming week, aligning channel objectives with overall business goals.

Evaluate opportunities for market expansion, considering new partnerships or territories for wholesale and distribution.


Monthly Duties:

Conduct a detailed monthly review of sales performance for wholesale and distribution channels, analyzing overall achievements and areas for improvement.

Evaluate the strength of relationships with wholesalers and sub-distributors, identifying opportunities for improvement and long-term collaboration.

Collaborate with finance to review the budget, assess spending patterns, and plan for the next month in the wholesale and distribution channels.

Develop or refine strategic plans for the upcoming month, aligning wholesale and distribution objectives with overall business goals.


Education Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, Excellent Knowledge of Microsoft Productivity Tools


Work Experience Requirements:
5 years of experience in Wholesale or Distribution Channel Management.

Existing Network of Technology Wholesalers or Sub-Distributers in MEA.

Proficient in data analysis and reporting tools.

Familiarity with inventory management principles.

Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Results-driven with a focus on achieving and exceeding sales targets.

Enthusiastic Tech Savy.

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