Regional Retail Channel Manager

Work Location: Dubai, UAE
Division/Department: Retail Department
Reports to: Regional Retail Director

Job Summary:

Revenue Generation:

Develop and implement strategies to achieve and exceed sales targets.

Analyze sales data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.


New Market Penetration:

Conduct market research to identify new market opportunities.

Develop and execute plans for successfully penetrating new markets.


New Business Acquisition:

Lead initiatives to acquire new business and expand the customer base, Online and Offline.

Collaborate with the Marketing team to identify and pursue new business prospects.


On-time and Accurate Stock Reports and Forecasts:

Implement efficient processes for stock reporting, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Collaborate with inventory management teams to maintain optimal stock levels.

Develop and implement forecasting models to predict stock requirements.

Work closely with relevant teams to ensure accurate and timely stock forecasts.


Promoters Management:

Oversee the management of promoters, ensuring they are well-trained and effectively contribute to sales goals.

Monitor and assess the performance of promoters, providing feedback and support.


Promotions Management:

Develop and implement effective online and offline promotional strategies for retail accounts to drive sales and increase brand visibility.

Monitor the performance of online and offline promotions, analyze results, and provide insights for continuous improvement.


Successful Lead Generation:

Develop lead generation strategies in collaboration with the Promoters team.

Evaluate the success of lead generation efforts and adjust strategies accordingly.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Daily Duties:

Review daily sales reports and performance metrics to assess progress toward daily targets.

Conduct brief check-ins with the Promoters team to address immediate concerns, provide support, and ensure alignment with daily objectives.

Coordinate with promoters, ensuring they are prepared for daily activities and addressing any issues they may encounter.

Verify stock levels and address any urgent inventory issues that may impact daily sales operations.

Review customer feedback received on the previous day and take immediate actions to address any concerns.

Conduct or participate in daily sales meetings to discuss achievements, challenges, and strategies for the day.

Analyze the effectiveness of lead generation efforts, identifying areas for improvement.


Weekly Duties:

Conduct a comprehensive review of weekly sales performance, analyzing trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Evaluate the performance of promoters throughout the week, providing feedback and identifying areas for training or improvement.

Collaborate with the inventory management team to review stock levels, assess sales patterns, and adjust forecasts accordingly.

Conduct or arrange training sessions for the Promoters team, focusing on areas identified for improvement.

Collaborate with the marketing team to align promotional efforts with sales objectives for the upcoming week.

Plan and implement customer engagement strategies for the week, including promotions or events to drive foot traffic.


Monthly Duties:

Conduct a detailed review of monthly sales performance, analyzing overall achievements and areas for strategic adjustments.

Evaluate the success of market penetration strategies, considering new business acquisition and expansion efforts.

Collaborate with inventory management to plan for the upcoming month, adjusting stock forecasts based on sales trends.

Conduct performance reviews for the sales team, addressing individual achievements, goals, and areas for development.

Implement ongoing training and development programs for promoters based on their performance and identified needs.

Collaborate with Direct Manager, Finance and Marketing to review the budget, assess spending patterns, and plan for the next month.

Develop or refine strategic plans for the upcoming month, aligning sales objectives with overall business goals.

Analyze customer satisfaction data collected throughout the month, identifying trends and implementing strategies to improve overall satisfaction.


Education Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, Excellent Knowledge of Microsoft Productivity Tools


Work Experience Requirements:

5 years of experience in Retail Channel Management

Proficient in data analysis and reporting tools.

Familiarity with inventory management principles.

Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Results-driven with a focus on achieving and exceeding sales targets.

Leadership capabilities to manage and motivate a team.

Enthusiastic Tech Savy.

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