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Supporting Residential and Commercial Audio Video Brands for more than two decades in the Middle East and North Africa

Who we are

GR Media Solutions brings the world’s premium audio, video, media, control, and accessory brands to the region’s top custom installers, systems integrators, and retailers.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with the leading manufacturers in their respective fields and are privileged to represent our esteemed partners across the Middle East & Africa. As a true value added distributor, we function as a strategic resource to offer all our dealers and partners technical support, trainings, logistical and after-sales support and an unrivaled level of customer service. We also provide full System Design & Documentation to ensure that solutions you build and install are always of the most premium nature to match the brands we proudly represent.

CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, is a leading global authority in the electronics industry.

CEDIA represents more than 3,500 member companies worldwide and serves more than 22,000 industry professionals that manufacture, supply, design, and integrate goods & services.

GR Media Solutions, as a CEDIA Trade Member & Distributor, has attained all the required certifications and abides by the strict code of professional conduct & ethics set by our governing body. As a company, we take great pride in ensuring that we are capable of not just suppling goods, but more importantly guiding our trade professionals and integrators in the very highest standard. And with more CEDIA certified professionals than any organization in the Middle East, there simply isn’t a more qualified firm capable of such service within the region.


AVIXA™ is the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association best known for producing the InfoComm trade shows around the world, as well as co-owning Integrated Systems Europe the international trade association representing the audiovisual industry.

Established in 1939, AVIXA has more than 5,400 members, including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, technology managers, IT professionals, content producers, and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries. As a member of AVIXA, we adhere to their AV standards and fully partake in their certification and training resources to ensure that our staff are continually developing themselves to fully serve our clients.



Design Services

GRMS can advise and supply audio/video and automation equipment using our portfolio of premium brands that ensure quality, reliability, and a solution to every technological necessity.

The continuous development and professionalism of the company’s Design Team ensures that we are always able to expertly guide dealers, trade associates, and clients with regards to projects. Having such a distinguished, continually evolving and always improving asset ensures that we are able to add great value to every project.

The System Design & Engineering Documents produced by the team are of the very best quality and guarantees system performance always matches the premium nature of our brands.

Our team of system designers and engineers will work on a detailed bill of quantity that outlines every element of our suggested solution to make certain that all the desired functionality is realized.

AV Specification & Design

Cinema Rooms

The Bill of Quantity is supplemented by an extensive set of drawings which are meticulously engineered to serve as the project’s backbone, we’ll graphically depict every element of the proposed system to ensure every detail is known and accounted for.

Device Location
Single Line Diagram
Positional Drawings
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Room Build & Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Isolation

Required for two purposes; to prevent external noise from compromising the carefully engineered reproduction of subtle sound pressure level (SPL) within the theater room, and to prevent high SPL inside the theater escaping and disturbing adjacent areas and rooms. We use wall construction guidelines for proper isolation, including but not limited to:
• Mass & thickness of inner & outer wall surfaces
• Acoustical damping layer between both walls
• Providing air gaps for lowing energy transmission, especially for low frequencies

Acoustic Design & Treatment

Complementing isolation, this focuses on enhancing the listening experience within the room, considering the below points:

Recommendations for room architecture in terms of materials and finishes to complement the viewing and listening experience.

Designing absorption, diffusion, and bass trap panels embedded within room design, with aesthetic considerations taken into account, to reduce reverberation time (RT) and achieve the required standard for reference audio performance and dissipation of sound.

Providing models, quantities and placement details, considering:
Acoustic Treatment Calculations:
• Reverberation time (RT)
• Bass Ratio (BR)

Acoustic Modes:
• Low frequency room response
• 3D Modes visualization

Acoustic Isolation
acoustic calculations
acoustic treatment

Acoustic Interior Design

We would be happy to work together with the dedicated ID team by using their preferred room design theme and renders, to develop the required construction drawing sets allowing the achievement of the above two sections. Alternatively, we can also use their input for the design approach and develop our own Interior Renders and Construction Drawing packages.

Scope of Work

Home Automation
& Audiovisual Systems

Audio Distribution System

Video Distribution System

Lighting & Shade Control System

Industry Sectors

GRMS operates exclusively in the following sectors:



For many of us in the industry Hifi was our first love before the advent of integrated solutions and stylish New Media wireless products. GRMS is proud to distribute some of the world’s most prestigious and recognised Hifi manufacturers such as Auralic, Bowers and Wilkens, Burmester, Elac, MartinLogan, Meridian, Rega, Rotel, PMC, Transparent, Triode. Our product portfolio can build a system from those offering fabulous value for money performance to money no object reference levels with many years of experience to offer quality advice.


Home Cinema
& Media Rooms

With brands like Artcoustic, Artnovion, Barco Residential, Bel Air Cinema, Bower & Wilkens, Kaleidescape, Moovia, Palliser, Sony Professional, TK Cinema, Trinnov, and Wisdom Audio which we have represented in the Middle East for as long as 15 years, no one has a more powerful and renowned portfolio for delivering on world class residential cinemas. Couple this to our dedicated Cinema Design Service division who can provide detailed engineering design and associated drawings for any cinema project.

Retail & etail

Retail & Retail Distribution

GRMS has a strong presence in the Middle Eastern retail sector working with a great variety of retailers – both bricks and mortar as well as online. Central to this is our longstanding relationship with Bowers and Wilkens who produce a consistent array of market leading products across a number of market segments including headphones and personal audio.


Private Yachts

The marine industry is one of the most exciting and challenging arenas for integrated systems in the current market. GRMS has both rich experience and a perfectly suited product portfolio to meet the demands of even the most challenging super yacht design and fully satisfy the ambitions of even the most discriminating of clients.

& Workshops

GRMS prides itself on holding its own Training Workshops & Seminars. With the constantly evolving world of technology, we are not just committed to staying informed but also to sharing our knowledge and experience as well.

Bound by our affiliation with CEDIA, but driven with a passion for technology, we make sure to always remain ahead of the curve and keep you right there with us.

Offering everything from General Industry trainings, to System Design and Brand-specific seminars, to Technical and Calibration sessions – we bring forth an all-encompassing Training & Education facility to all our valued partners.

Our Brand Arsenal

GRMS has been working tirelessly since its inception to align with the world’s most reliable and respectable manufacturers within the custom electronics industry.

The company’s we represent are all award winning & industry leaders in their respective fields. Our comprehensive portfolio offers a mix of brands that enable any partner to offer exactly the equipment they need for their projects and clients.

Service Center

GRMS stands by its partners and dealers at all times and continues to support long after any sale is made with our own Service Centre.

We are able to care for all our brands and we ensure that our support engineers are expertly trained by manufacturers themselves. We also always uphold the Warranty Terms & Conditions of each brand to ensure their world-class reputations remains intact and that they are fairly represented in the Middle East & Africa.

With regards to repairs, updates, and upgrades, we are able to do all locally, and when needed, even guide international dealers on such as well.

Head Office

Warehouse 6A - 12th St.
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Dubai, UAE.

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