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Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV.

Stream via WiFi and play whatever you’re craving and live up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound. With over 30 streaming services available Sonos plays everything – the most popular streaming services, on-demand Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, your go-to collection of downloads – whatever you love to listen to. The Sonos app helps you quickly search through all your services to track down favourite music, send it to different rooms, and adjust the volume and other settings. You don’t even have to be in the same room, and if your friends have the Sonos app, they can do the same!


In 1966 John Bowers and lifelong friend Roy Wilkens founded a manufacturing company called B&W Electronics and produced their first speaker the P1 assembled from off the shelf parts soon after.

In 1970 they released the DM70 a revolutionary speaker made up of electrostatic midrange and bass driver in a space age curved speaker cabinet revolutionizing the loudspeaker market forever. Next was the use of Kevlar in drive units, then an isolated tweeter in the DM7, separate chambers with the 801. In the 80’s the famous Abbey Road Studios chose the 801 for their reference monitor of whose replacements they still use today and in 1993 finally the Nautilus which still may be the finest loudspeaker ever produced.


Alcons Audio is one of Europe’s leading developers and manufacturers of professional sound systems.

Alcons R&D department features a unique combination of extensive knowledge in the design of transducers, acoustics and systems, as well as unsurpassed skills in DSP and amplifier technologies. This combination has led to cutting-edge products that have redefined what is possible in acoustics, such as the world’s first long-throw, ribbon-loaded SR system, modular DSP-controlled directivity line-array amongst others. The company’s philosophy is ‘What comes out must be exactly the same as what goes in.” On one hand, it preserves an artist’s creative integrity, ensuring people hear music exactly as it is intended.


Sonance began in 1983 when Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer recognized the need for an audio solution that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion.

It was this revelation that led them to invent the world’s first architectural speaker. The rest is history. In the 30 years that followed, Sonance has continued to invent, lead, and reinvent with a range of state-of-the-art products that deliver the perfect balance of performance and design.


Established well over a decade ago, Amina is now the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions.

The Amina headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England; where products are assembled, tested at many stages by production teams and packaged. Amina’s research and product development teams are at the world’s leading edge in the field of invisible sound technology. Their dedication to quality and performance continues to refine and re-define the field, as they persist in discovering new ways of producing sonic excellence within the company’s mandate.


Artcoustic design ground breaking, innovative, world-class loudspeakers, constantly pushing the limits of convention and the status quo.

Going back to the roots of traditional Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic are the first to transform the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look. Artcoustic produce a loudspeaker range that performs amongst the highest in their class, often exceeding expectations, by using groundbreaking technology, superb component parts and unique design. The line array loudspeaker design delivers exceptional efficiency and dynamics, vastly outperforming more conventional designs.


PMC stands for the Professional Monitor Company.

It is unique in that the company’s genesis came from the development of studio monitor speakers before developing its renowned HiFi range. Founded by Peter Thomas a former sound engineer at the BBC in the 1960’s, his first commercial speaker based on transmission line principles was specifically developed to be as transparent as possible for the BBCs live studio monitoring purposes. Proving to be exceptionally popular by musicians and recording engineers, PMC is now used in some of the world’s most prestigious recording studios today. PMC has taken the essence of its studio reference monitors and built a fantastic range of HiFi speakers so that we may hear music just as the recording engineer intended when recording or mixing tracks.


Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures preamplifiers and processors of the very highest quality; featuring revolutionary and exclusive loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D immersive sound technologies.

Catering for high-end Hi-Fi & Home Theaters, Professional Studios and Movie Theaters alike, their passionate team of engineers focus on developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the listener. The multi-award winning company s extensive research has led to five international patents and considered the leader in immersive high-end sound and experience.


The Pacific Northwest is a music and tech nirvana – a region known for cool sound and earth-shattering innovation.

AudioControl is no exception and their award-dotted 35-year history of designing and building superb audio equipment from scratch only exemplifies such. The company prides itself on an obsession with audio – including some of the best engineers – and they make audio tools for people who love amazing sound. Signal processors for the car and home, distributed audio systems and amplifiers for home theater, audio analyzers and calibration equipment, the company boasts an impressive portfolio to cater to all audio needs.


Dolby offers flexible and versatile audio reproduction and video processing solutions to fit any and every theatre project.

As a name, they are synonymous with Cinema. Dolby’s remarkable audiovisual technologies heighten and deepen your experiences, helping you feel more. It’s the heavy downpour in a moody scene. The stunningly vivid sunset in the show’s season finale. The song you feel deep in your chest. The footsteps lurking behind you on the video game battlefield. The voice of a colleague on a call who lives across the globe but sounds like they’re right next to you. We breathe life into these experiences through our innovative audiovisual technologies. This is the Dolby Difference.


There is no substitute for experience. More than 50 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing audio/video components has put Rotel at the top of the pack.

They have always been a family owned business. That is why they take the time to build, test, and critically evaluate each new model before it goes into production: our reputation is personal. Their commitment to quality goes far beyond the research and development phases of creating Rotel products. They follow the same philosophy through the entire manufacturing process and manufacture all Rotel products in their own factory, under their own management and with their own equipment.


AIA is mirroring the virtual audio reality into your living room, man cave or home theater. The spatial imaging, speech intelligibility, fine detail reproduction, and dynamics are breathtaking and leave you with a highly involving emotional experience.

Whether you intend to build a small 5.1 home theater or a large immersive Dolby Atmos® or even a DCI digital cinema system, AIA offers the perfect solution with DSP room correction and a range of high-performance passive and active loudspeakers and subwoofers. Family rooms, Yachts, Karaoke, Game rooms or multipurpose rooms are perfectly suited to take advantage of the neutral and precise characteristics of AIA speakers.


The award-winning madVR Envy processor uses patent-pending video processing to deliver the ultimate picture quality in your dedicated home theater.

Enjoy the most dramatic yet highly accurate UltraHD HDR dynamic tone mapping, instant aspect ratio detection, subtitle management for scope screens, and non-linear stretch unlike anything else in the market. The Envy also offers unrivaled upscaling, specialized sharpening and detail enhancement, 3D and 1D LUT calibration with unprecedented precision, and much more. The Envy is the first and only dedicated video processor to use machine learning algorithms with real-time video streams, taking your video quality to a whole new level. The Envy installs in minutes and instantly unleashes the power of your cinema.

Video Servers


The Kaleidescape system simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music.

Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape system s fault-tolerant Disk Cartridges, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organizing movies and music. Digital Media can also be purchased in its optimum format via Kaleidescape s Online Store. Kaleidescape uses high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies and music throughout your establishment, making them accessible anywhere, anytime, and without any loss of quality.


Bel Air Cinema offers the definitive movie experience – the latest DCI-Quality Hollywood content for exclusive screenings in private cinemas worldwide.

Screening major Hollywood blockbusters and unique cinema events, Bel Air Cinema offers customers a highly privileged access to movies only in premiere-quality and industry approved formats. Adhering to unsurpassed presentation standards, the company offers the platform and technology that powers professional grade cinemas in the world’s most exclusive private residences & yachts. Be it ‘World Premiere’ before the first worldwide theatrical release, ‘Premiere’ before theatrical release in your country, or ‘Day & Date’ at theatrical release in your country – only Bel Air can offer such a viewing experience.



Barco has become the worldwide technology leader in ultra-high-end professional visualization applications.

Celebrating the company s unique 80-year pedigree, Barco Residential is a return to their origins: bringing the very pinnacle of image & sound technologies to create one of a kind experiences for discerning customers to share with their family & friends in the privacy of their homes. Representing the highest levels of image and sound quality, innovation and craftsmanship available in the world today, Barco Residential s products are custom-designed and built in their European facilities to deliver simply and nothing but the best in the world of video and projection.


From native 4K to Full HD 3D, home cinema projectors from Sony are packed with innovative technology to bring your movies to life.

Advanced SXRD panels with the first in native 4K capability, like the ones inside their professional cinema projectors, produce jaw-dropping detail that will totally immerse viewers in the action all whilst sitting in the comfort of their home. Backed by an incredible history in the world of technology and entertainment, this perennial powerhouse has been instrumental in the continuous development of everything from motion pictures to everyday electronics.


An award-winning brand, Stewart Filmscreen maintains the highest standards in screen design and craftsmanship.

In fact, every screen is still handmade to ensure quality no machine can fathom. Since 1947, Stewart has been the consistent choice of discerning clientele around the world. Architects, consultants, systems designers, and property owners rely on Stewart Filmscreen for the perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design, and dedicated support. Providing the most immersive experience in the industry, Stewart has a projection screen to meet every need.


Display Technologies hand craft their bespoke projection screens and accessories at their dedicated production facility in the United Kingdom.

Every solution they offer has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure that it combines peerless technical performance with easy installation and reliable day to day operation.


KAUBER specializes in the production and distribution of high quality projection screens and accessories required for professional video installations.

During the manufacturing process they use only materials which meet the highest technical specifications. Kauber components are supplied to leaders in the European market offering great value for money yet high quality fixed and electric screens as well as projector lifts.

Lighting & Control


Enjoy personalized smart lighting and shade control with RA2 Select.

Created by Lutron, the leader in premium lighting control, this wireless solution allows for full automation of a property, with the ability to install and commission in a matter of hours. The Lutron app also integrates with other IOT leaders, such as Sonos for wireless audio and theatre, Ring for security, and so forth. Able to act as a full automation system, it delivers an exceptional experience.


Within the integration market technology is very much hidden. One thing that is not are keypads for controlling lighting, air-conditioning, curtains, and media etc.

While most of the components we use aesthetically do not matter keypads on the other hand are all about the look as well as functionality. Understanding this intuitively, Blacknova have created a range of stunning control devices to make any prospective client sit up and take notice. Situated in the Brabante Settentrionale region of the Netherlands, Blacknova focuses on the balance between pure design and innovative technology taking in all the sophistication of the European market with the practicality of the Dutch.


When you choose Philips Dynalite, you are selecting the world’s finest lighting control system.

Tried and tested in more than 30,000 projects, they have implemented some of the largest and most extensive control networks around the globe. The same robust technology can be used in any application, on any scale. Testiment to this is two of Dubai’s premier building projects which chose Phillips Dynalite for their complete fitout – the Burj Al Arab and Burj Kalifa.


Future Automation offers bespoke solutions to conceal equipment of all types and sizes, maximizing space while preserving the safety and security of the equipment.

Whether hiding devices in the floor, ceiling, walls or even within furniture, Future Automation has a concealment solution that can be designed to blend effortlessly with the room. This UK-based company employs premier designers and engineers who hand-craft every mechanism to ensure unsurpassable build quality.



A company dedicated to premium acoustic performance, the development of all their products is aimed to combine the very best performance while actually adding to the Aesthitics of an environment.

Regardless of product function, either for absorption, bass trapping or diffusion purposes, Artnovion always delivers premium performance matched with a premium ambiance. With Artnovion you will only have to choose the product line that fits your environment and it will always perform at its best. Their products can be used on walls, ceilings and corners, with easy access to audio and electricity cabling, or of course hidden behind walls as well. For any acoustic treatment need, look no further than Arnovion for the perfect marriage between form and function.


Palliser is a leading North American furniture company with manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico.

The promise of reliability, strength and longevity is founded in the company’s roots, marked by over 60 years of innovation. With Palliser, you get the confidence of quality backed by a comprehensive product warranty protecting every purchase. All the company’s products reflect the highest standards for materials, craftsmanship and product safety. With over 85 luxurious leathers and over 200 fabrics available, all in every colour, including coordinated accent patterns, in addition to seating and furniture of all types, you always get exactly what you need with Palliser at value that will surprise.


D-BOX adds a new dimension to all forms of entertainment.

Just as color transformed film and television and Surround Sound revolutionized audio, D-BOX generates the ultimate motion experience. Integrated motion systems from D-BOX use two, three or four actuators to lift and move your actual seat in perfect synchronization with the on-screen action and sound, creating a virtual-reality experience in your living room or home theatre. The viewer becomes absorbed in the action like never before, subtly experiencing the same motional forces as the actors, players, or video game characters on-screen. The D-BOX team exhaustively programs the precise movements for entire movies, shows, and video games to guarantee an unparalleled virtual-reality experience.


Kordz began in Australia in 2003, identifying and addressing a gap in the market for sensible, purpose engineered connectivity solutions for the custom AV installation professional.

Just two years later HDMI began to surge in the market, and Kordz became an early official licensed Adopter of the technology, quickly building a strong reputation, most particularly, as a long length connectivity specialist. HDMI has been sensational and transformative in the AV industry, helping elevate us all into the High Definition era. For over a decade, Kordz continues to build on their solid reputation by bringing not only solutions, but knowledge and education to custom installers and AV enthusiasts around the world.


Middle Atlantic Products is part of the AV Division of Legrand, North & Central America.

They have manufactured exceptional support and protection products to mount integrated AV systems in Residential, Commercial, Broadcast, and Security applications since 1979. All of their products are designed and engineered in the US to maximize system reliability and to meet the needs of installers; from thermal considerations and built-in cable management, to pre-installed washers on our rack screws, Middle Atlantic build in ways to save time and simplify the job. At the heart of every installation, you’ll find Middle Atlantic Products – what great systems are built on.


Wyrestorm are a world leader for video switching systems having no less than 6 different transmission platforms across their range comprising of HDMI, HDbaseT, H.264, JPE2000, SDVoE and Fibre Optic.

With this complete range Wyrestorm are capable of providing systems from a simple extender set through to ultra-complex networked systems for any project imaginable. Factor in their renowned reliability and value for money, Wyrestorm are a compelling option for anyone requiring a robust video distribution solution.


FSC Global supplies cables and components of all requirements worldwide.

Located 25km north of London, FSC Global operates a 5,500m2 warehousing facility. To ensure FSC meet’s needs and expectations of all clients, the company operates with a strict code of conduct supported by ISO accredited systems. They also have a list of other impressive certifications as well, including: CEDIA Trade Supplier, Investors in People (IIP), OHSAS 18001, KNX Manufacturer Member, and more. The range of cables offered has grown over the years and now includes over 6000 product lines, including the TRU range of high performance cables.

Service Center

GRMS stands by it's partners and dealers at all times and continues to support long after any sale is made with our own Service Centre.

We are able to care for all our brands and we ensure that our support engineers are expertly trained by manufacturers themselves. We also always uphold the Warranty Terms & Conditions of each brand to ensure their world-class reputations remains intact and that they are fairly represented in the Middle East & Africa.

With regards to repairs, updates, and upgrades, we are able to do all locally, and when needed, even guide international dealers on such as well.