GR Media Solutions Commercial have contracted a globally renowned collection of brands that offer both value for money and robust performance for most commercial projects in the Middle East. Importantly, we have chosen each of these manufacturers very carefully to compliment each other so as to provide robust solutions in most commercial segments. Having a great range of product is important, but having a design team who understands the best way to utilise their capabilities is as equally important. Whether is it a huddle space, meeting room, conference room, classroom or a large auditorium, we have the right design for your application and project. We understand the challenges in the commercial world and we can provide you the exact solution needed in your space.

Dedicated Team

Commercial applications have their unique design parameters and have to integrate with a variety control systems. It is therefore important that the specialists putting these systems together are both knowledgeable and experienced. GR Media Solutions has assembled a very experienced team headed up by Rayan Soumson to accurately produce commercial designs. Rayan has many years of experience within the Middle Eastern commercial environment and understands all the challenges of delivering integrated solutions into complex projects. His many years of designing and supporting Crestron systems gives him the ability to oversee a design from the perspective of the client and how they will be using these systems from a day to day perspective. Couple this with his ability to communicate efficiently with consultants and contractors this ensures a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

Design Documentation

As part of our Commercial Design Services we will be providing Design Documentation which will include single line diagrams, shop drawings and any other additionally required. From our experience, how you initially organize your planning determines how well the overall execution of a project will ultimately turn out, and this cannot start without correct drawings and design. Our team is very experienced in commercial design producing drawings compliant with international standards to make sure that the end user, the consultant and the integrator are all on the same page and coordinated. This ensures the client knows what the resulting outcome should be, the consultant blesses the functionality of the system, and the integrator knows exactly where each component and every cable goes.


Choose the Professionals

GR Media Solutions Commercial can cater to your all your commercial design requirements and provide a comprehensive package to simplify your project. Contact Rayan below to discuss your upcoming contract and how we can work with you to provide a robust package for both you and your client.


Rayan Soumson

Mobile +971 50 5557053

E-mail [email protected]