GR Media Solutions has been distributing to the custom installation market in the Middle East since 2003,  working with some of the finest brands, satisfying the most demanding clients, and working with the most professional integrators.

Over this time GR Media Solutions have collaborated on many of the regions finest Home Cinemas and has secured numerous awards from the industry which highlight the quality of these solutions and creativity of their designs.

GR Media Solutions offer a full cinema design service that includes concept, equipment design for projector and screen, audio, control, lighting, complete interior design, and even assistance with commissioning –  calibrating the cutting-edge technology to maximize the full potential they offer.

This Cinema Design Service includes full wiring schematics, CAD/CAM insertion, liaison with architects and MEP contractors, and full consultation when fitting these complex projects out.

The Home Cinema Design Service division is headed up by Shereen Edward who has 8 years of experience in design and personally overseas all aspects of the design process. Shereen and her team have won many design awards from CEDIA for multiple budgets

Cinema Brands

GR Media Solutions have selected an internationally acclaimed range of Home Cinema Brands to create superlative Home Cinemas catering to a range of budgets.


What we provide

Professional grade Cinemas

Support for MEP/Architects/Interior Designers

Full Schematics

Positional Drawings

Interior Design

Overall design concept

Key to creating a truly exciting Home Cinema is the initial feel you have before starting a film. The interior design scope can excite both the integrator, interior designer, and client, creating an opportunity to really design something memorable. GR Media Solutions can assist with the initial design concept to help create this feature room for a project.


A significant impact on this design will be the specialist seating used for the cinema. GR Media Solutions has specifically chosen both Palliser and Moovia to create the most comfortable and ergonomically pleasing seating to fully compliment any Home Cinema design.

Complimentary lighting

The finishing touch to these rooms is the Mood lighting that can bring these designs together to create a thrilling environment. GR Media Solutions uses the world leader of lighting Philips Dynalight to full use to create these unique environments including full colour DMX control.

Acoustic Design

Key to creating a reference Home Cinema is ensuring that the audio and visual components have the best environment possible to maximize their performance. GR Media Solutions have chosen Artnovian to be their key partner to manage room acoustics both because these devices efficiently manage sound correction while also enhancing a cinemas interior design. We work closely with the manufacturer to map and compensate any sound anomalies within a room

Bass Traps



Design Example 1 Bronze

  • Design Example 1 – Bronze (mid level cinema)
  • Kaleidescape Player – Alto
  • Audio Control Receiver – AVR-9
  • B&W Speakers – 3 x CWM7.3, 2 x CCM 7.3, 2 x ISW-4 + 2 x SA250 Amp
  • Sony Projector – VPL-VWES550ES
  • DT Screens – Frontier
  • Palliser Seats – Hifi
  • Room Acoustics – Artnovian Diffusers, Absorbers
  • Control – Savant Remote+Host
  • Rack – Middle Atlantic (Roller)
  • Lighting – Dynalite

Design Example 2 Gold

  • Kalaedescape Server – Strato Movie Player with Disc Server
  • Trinnov – Altitude 32 processor / 3 x Amplitude 8 Amps
  • Wisdom Speakers – Sage – 5 x Line 2, 8 x Point 2, 8 x ICS7a, 4 x S90i,
  • Barco Projector – Medea
  • Stewart – Directors Choice
  • Moovia Seating – Venice with D-Box
  • Room Acoustics – Artnovian Diffusers, Absorbers, Bass Traps
  • Control – Savant Host + True image
  • Rack – Middle Atlantic (Pull out)
  • Climate – Savant
  • Lighting – Dynalite

Calibration and Training

No Cinema however well designed can truly perform at its best unless a sound processor and projector have been set up correctly and this requires a fully qualified industry professional. At GR Media Solutions, we believe training dealers to maximize the performance of installed systems to reference standards both adds value to the design itself, and as importantly, to the industry as a whole. This ensures that standards are kept high and clients are provided with the best possible solution for their entertainment investment that will last for years to come.


We also believe that we, as a supportive instrument to the industry, have a serious responsibility to meet industry standards prevailing through organisations such as CEDIA which we are an active member of.

Alternatively, GR Media can provide experienced engineers to do this calibration for a client if they wish to ensure the ultimate quality for an installation or provide on-site training for upcoming staff for a supported integrator.


Choose the Professionals

GR Media Solutions has a professional team ready to design, support, and calibrate reference level Home Cinemas that will excite a client and add significantly to the value of a project. Let us, work with you, to create a truly memorable project.