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History by Halim Greiss


Although GR Media Solutions has enjoyed over a decade and a half of success and development in Dubai and across the Middle East and Africa, its genesis started back in Egypt in the 1990’s with B&O. Back then Karim Zaki one of the original partners of the business was finishing a medical degree and woke up one day and realised he wasn’t enjoying this pursuit, but was passionate about hi-fi. He was also excited about the emergence of Pro Logic Surround Sound that amazingly allowed you to have a movie theatre experience in your own home and saw tremendous opportunity in this development. After completing his studies, he had a contact that was interested in the iconic Beosound 9000 system and that is all he needed to jump into the industry two feet first and before he knew it he was running Cairo’s preeminent B&O franchise.


Soon after I joined the company and we began to supplement B&O with Martin Logan and Theta and lifestyle systems going from strength to strength soon to dominate the Egyptian market. Looking to grow and develop in the region, one perspicuous day as Karim’s new business partner I said, ‘I saw this documentary on Channel Two about Dubai and I think this is the place to be for our expansion’, we looked at each other and said ‘OK, Let’s do it!’ and before we knew it Karim and I were in Dubai setting up shop much to own own amazement (It seems crazy now, but that’s what we did!).

Understanding the need to preserve the value add chain, GR Media Solutions was born with a clear focus on selling into and supporting the regional dealer base for quality audio and video solutions building one of the strongest portfolios of reputable brands in the world. As time progressed, due to what we believe was our commitment to deliver on our promises, we developed a loyal and professional dealer network inserting our brands into some of the finest integration projects around the Middle East which continues to this day. We have seen quite a few developments in the industry over this time, but we are still as enthusiastic about the industry and excited about our recent expansion into the commercial area of the industry as we were way back then. Judging by our past performance and the great people we have today, we are confident of GR Media Solutions excelling in this domain and working in this dynamic region for many more years to come.


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Our Vision


GR Media Solutions brings the world’s premium audio, video, media, control, and accessory brands to the region’s top custom installers, systems integrators, and retailers. We have strategically aligned ourselves with the leading manufacturers in their respective fields and are privileged to represent our esteemed partners across the Middle East & Africa. As a true value-added distributor, we function as a strategic resource to offer all our dealers and partners technical support, trainings, logistical and after-sales support and an unrivalled level of customer service. We also provide full System Design & Documentation to ensure that solutions you build and install are always of the most premium nature to match the brands we proudly represent.

CEDIA Member


CEDIA represents more than 3,500 member companies worldwide and serves more than 22,000 industry professionals that manufacture, supply, design, and integrate goods & services. GR Media Solutions, as a CEDIA Trade Member & Distributor, has attained all the required certifications and abides by the strict code of professional conduct & ethics set by our governing body. As a company, we take great pride in ensuring that we are capable of not just suppling goods, but more importantly guiding our trade professionals and integrators in the very highest standard. And with more CEDIA certified professionals than any organization in the Middle East, there simply isn’t a more qualified firm capable of such service within the region.

AVIXA™ is the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association best known for producing the InfoComm trade shows around the world, as well as co-owning Integrated Systems Europe the international trade association representing the audiovisual industry.

Established in 1939, AVIXA has more than 5,400 members, including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, consultants, programmers, rental and staging
companies, technology managers, IT professionals, content producers, and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries.

As a member of AVIXA, we adhere to their AV standards and fully partake in their certification and training resources to ensure that our staff are continually developing themselves to fully serve our clients. AVIXA is also a hub for professional collaboration, information, market intelligence and thought leadership and helps ensure that we as a company are continually evolving to meet the needs of the industry.