GR Media Solutions has assembled a comprehensive range of product to cater for most commercial projects. These products are carefully selected to offer value, high specification, and robust quality from trusted manufacturers. As important as the brands we distribute is the sales and support we have for these brands. GR Media Solutions has a team of experienced engineers ready and waiting to assist your company to design and support commercial systems built to perform reliably for many years to come.



GR Media Solutions is well placed to offer a complete design based on its class leading brands for any auditorium design. Whether it be a mixed use hall in a school, a lecture theatre in a university, or quality performance space, we have a complete range of product to cater to each of these purposes from Alcons Audio, AD Systems, Just Add Power, Digital Projection, Ecler, Stewart, and Symetrix at both the affordable and performance range of values.

Commercial Cinema

A currently burgeoning space in the Middle Eastern region due to the developments in Saudi Arabia, commercial cinema is undertaking a resurgence. GR Media Solutions has at its disposal one of the world’s best cinema sound solutions Alcons Audio to transform a cinema experience in a commercial cinema into the sort of quality one would expect from a high-end cinema found at home, but with the scale and majesty of a commercial space. Working closely with industry titans such as Sony and Dolby, GR Media Solutions offers the discerning cinema owner solutions which their customers will enjoy and come back to for years to come.

Meeting Spaces

As businesses diversify and their reach becomes more regional/global, meeting space solutions are becoming increasingly important. GR Media Solutions

has a broad range of product and the design nous to create systems which are flexible allowing meetings between different rooms within an office and even different offices. This facilitates a less centralised modern workforce with an ease of access to communicate with each other allowing them to efficiently propel their business forward.


Systems for education within the region can be very diverse offering simple solutions for public address and classroom presentation to complex student management and performance audio visual systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. GR Media Solutions have the experience, design services, and product portfolio to provide all encompassing systems for the educational sector including importantly how these systems with interoperate in an intuitive and efficient system.


Often a challenging domain due to its scale, complexity, and budget constraints, the hospitality sector provides contractors a difficult to achieve balance. GR Media Solutions is proud to represent such brands as Phillips Dynalite which is able to meet these three aspects of scalability, complexity, and budget in a truly great form factor easily managed by an operator for such important aspects as GRMS and lighting. With our complimentary products built specifically for commercial distribution of audio and video catering for digital signage systems and entertainment, we are able to design and work with contractors to produce elegant and cost effective systems.

House of Worship

The transmission of sound around a House of Worship can be tricky due to the large venues that need to be filled and the complex shape these spaces can have. Increasingly a visual element is appearing in these spaces as well allowing for worshipers to see as well as hear the speaker addressing them. GR Media Solutions has a good array of options to fit both budget and scale for Houses of Worship throughout the region and understands the best ways to maximise performance and minimise costs.

Live Sound

Whether it be a small portable live sound system for a budding musician, or a reference line array for the most SPL hungry iconic band or theatre, GR Media Solutions have great options for the reliable transmission of these live performance systems from Ecler, AD Systems, and the mighty Alcons Audio.


As retail demands for quality ambient music and sophisticated digital signage grow, GR Media Solutions has paid particular care to this growing market sector. With options such as invisible speakers from Amina and retrofit Dante audio options from Monacor, we are able to provide clever solutions for most retail applications and give clear advice on the management of these systems by staff to maximise their use. This also applies to the malls where much retail is located within the region, where we have the ability to distribute audio and video signals throughout large complex retail environments.


As stadiums grow ever larger in size, their audio visual requirements have increased greatly as well. Distributing complex audio PA systems and now video through a number of applications such as digital signage, LED videowalls, and cooperate boxes has led to a need for sophisticated implementation of integrated systems. GR Media Solutions has uniquely placed product to capitalise fully on this market sector that both simplifies their application as well as builds value with their increasing scale from such brands as just Add Power and Dynalite.

Acoustic Treatment/Interior Design

Even prior to building a system to fill a space with audio and video care must be taken to ensure that these systems be intelligible and due care must be taken for a spaces acoustics. GR Media Solutions is proud to represent Artnovian a world leader in acoustic absorbers and diffusers which can also add to the aesthetic of a space. Our team can design a complete package giving both acoustic management and interior design to make a space as comfortable on the ear as well as the eye.